Saturday, May 30, 2009

Santa Fe with Andrea and Allie

We decided to take a quick trip to Santa Fe on Saturday afternoon so we could show Andrea and Allie around. There was just one problem...we finished eating at around 5 PM and all the museums and tourist attractions we wanted to visit had closed for the day :-( We did take the girls to the plaza and walked around a little. It was so fun to have the girls here! The day wasn't a complete bust...We were able to take our picture on "Jorgensen Lane."
Allie helped Andrea look for a ring.

Candace came with us to Santa Fe.

The family (and Candace who is pretty much family).

Yep! Here we are on Jorgensen Lane!

And with each grand kid:




and Brooke.

Friday, May 29, 2009

"What Would Barbie Do?" Party

The secret is finally out...the "WWBD" party stood for: "What Would Barbie Do?" The girls decided on this theme after talking to Carlo at our local MAC (makeup) store. He thought doing a Barbie theme would be great for this group of eight girls. We thought it would be funny if each girl picked a Barbie to represent themselves and then make a short mini-movie that kind of went along with their Barbie.
The Barbie Girls

Left to right: Superstar Barbie (Kayleen Aragon), New York Barbie (Kelsey Goode), Rock Star Barbie (Jenni Leverence), Malibu Barbie (Candace Burton), Party Time Barbie (Brooke), Biker Barbie (Harleigh Ruffin), Fashion Fever Barbie (Natalie Baxter), and Prom Queen Barbie (Brianna Perea).

I had lots of fun planning with the girls! We did things up very Barbie-ish meaning we had tons of PINK! Bernice and David Burton created the Barbie Dream House entrance with a pink carpet walkway (pink fabric taped down with pink duct tape) and pink Barbie lounge (Bernice made slip covers for our patio furniture and David made the dream house). Moms Brandy Ruffin and Gail Baxter (with help from dad Carl Baxter and son Chase Ruffin) spelled out Barbie girls in our fence with pink cups and decorated our back yard with hot pink tulle.

We ordered customized pink, hot pink, and white M&Ms (with a silhouetted Barbie head on some and the words: Chick Clique and Barbie Girls on the others). We also found some Barbie crown plastic rings online to put on cupcakes I purchased at Sam's. We gave away pink door prizes (pink ear bud head phones, black with pink Nike shoe bag, a Beach Barbie and Ken doll with pink lip balm attached, a cellophane bag of 5 different pink types of gum/candy, and a BIG Barbie-ish Candy bouquet that Kayleen's mom Angela made up).

Guests went home with a gift bag containing a Barbie candy lipstick and Barbie candy compact. Probably the coolest thing we did was make a picture booth that looked like guests were inside a Barbie box (thanks to my nieces Andrea and Allie who made it for us!). Here are a few pictures of these things:

Barbie Dream House entrance.

Brooke showing one of the Barbie cushions Bernice made.

Friends chilling in the Barbie Lounge.

Barbie-fied cupcakes.

Customized Barbie M&Ms.

The Barbie box picture booth my wonderful nieces (Allie and Andrea) made.

The "thank you for coming to our party" gift.

The girls had a DJ for three of the four hours (compliments of Kayleen's Mom and Stepfather) and the big jumpy slide (compliments of Greg and I).

Candace and Brooke with the DJ, Thomas Singkanati, who is also one of their sand volleyball coaches.

We also came up with two activities and a movie that we made called "What Would Barbie Do?" The first activity was a Barbie Relay where we split the Barbie girl hostesses into two teams and gave each team eight young men who proceeded to put on a skirt, sweater, necklace, and purse, run across our sport court, take the clothes off, and then give it to the next young man. Brooke made up a cute Barbie wrapper that we put on big Symphony Candy Bars for the prizes (you can click the picture of the winners below, after the video of the relay to see a larger version of the kids holding their candy bars).

Here's a video of most of the relay:

Winners of the Barbie Dress Up Relay: (front row): Andre Vigil, Mason Steffensen, Daniel Stefan, Candace Burton, (middle row): Kayleen Aragon, Brooke, Kyle Piersol, Eric McIntyre, and (back row): Drew Janis, Isaiah Perry, and Natalie Baxter.

Between the two activities, the girls showed their movie. Here's a picture of everyone getting ready to watch:

Here is the movie "What Would Barbie Do?" broken up into two parts so watch both of the following videos:

"What Would Barbie Do?" Movie--Part 1

"What Would Barbie Do?" Movie--Part 2

The girls handing out the awards (sorry I cut off party of Kayleen on the left).

The Barbie Awards

Best Ken Style: Mason Steffensen
Best Barbie Style: Grace White Barbie's Best All-Around Person: Andre Vigil
Barbie's Most Fun Person: Jeremy Shaffer
Brightest Smile: Julian Encinas
Dreamiest Eyes: Dylan Tull
Most Amazing Person: Isaiah Perry
Dare Devil: Jason Winters
Barbie's Prom King: Kyle Piersol
Best Barbie Hair: Mariah Edwards
Best Ken Hair: Dorsett Valdez
Barbie's Best Friend: Josh Lubold
Campout Ken: Ty Haguewood
Person Barbie Would Friend on "MySpace": Christian Benedicto
Barbie and Ken Best Couple Award: (Tie) Julian and Andre AND Eric and Jeremy
Barbie's Smartest Friend: Nathan Brown
Boy Barbie Wished Was Her Brother: Lolo Otero
Girl Barbie Wished Was Her Sister: Audrey Sweeney
Abs That Rival Ken's: (Tie) D'yon Santiago AND Drew Janis
Best Wearing of Barbie's Favorite Color: (Voted on at the party) Anthony Nieto

Christian Benedicto with Anthony Nieto, winner of "Best Wearing of Barbie's Favorite Color" award.

Most of the people that came to the party.
(You can click on the picture for a larger version)

Here are a few more pictures from the party...

Party Time Barbie (Brooke) in the Barbie Box.

Malibu Barbie (Candace) in the Barbie Box.

Fashion Fever Barbie (Natalie) in the Barbie Box.

Superstar Barbie (Kayleen) in the Barbie Box.

New York Barbie (Kelsey) in the Barbie Box.

Rock Star Barbie (Jenni) in the Barbie Box.

Biker Barbie (Harleigh) in the Barbie Box.

Prom Queen Barbie (Brianna) in the Barbie Box.

Best friends in the Barbie Box.

Nathan in the Barbie Box.

Dorsett in the Barbie Box.

Brooke and Mason in the Barbie Box.

Kelsey and Isaiah in the Barbie Box.

Brooke and Cameron in the Barbie Box.

Brooke offered cupcakes to Julian and Anthony.

Allie and Andrea keep Brent's friend Zach company.

Brent and Zach in the Barbie Box.

NOTE: Brent's friends played basketball until about 1:45 AM. They had just finished playing right before police officers came for the 2nd visit of the night to quiet us down. Here is a video of the boys after playing "21" in a best of 7 series. The series went to the 7th game with the winning team just barely claiming victory by 2 points. Check out the "Award Ceremony" and mine and Andrea's "interviews" with the winning and losing teams...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Doubt Concert--Thursday, May 28, 2009

We took Andrea and Allie with us to the Paramore and No Doubt Concert here in Albuquerque. It was Allie's first concert! We hurried and ate at McDonald's before heading to the Journal Pavillion at around 7 PM. The concert was scheduled to start at 7:30 PM. A lady at McDonald's asked our kids if they wanted two lawn tickets to the concert because they had decided not to go--We told them that we had tickets and were already going, but they told us to take the tickets and try to give them away. Brent hurried and called friends Amber and Marlee who gladly took the free tickets. It took about 1 1/2 hours by the time we got to our seats due to the hundreds of backed up cars. We heard most of Paramore while we were buying our t-shirts and walking around but didn't actually watch much of their part of the concert. Here are a few pictures from the evening...
Allie holding her first ever concert ticket.

The view of cars from miles back from our car.

Allie, Andrea, and Brooke model their No Doubt t-shirts.

A better view of Brooke's shirt.

Greg and I wait for No Doubt to hit the stage.

Brent had been waiting to give two of his friends two lawn tickets some lady gave us at McDonald's so he got to our seats right before No Doubt came on.

This is how No Doubt opened their part of the show.

Gwen Stefani--Lead singer.

The had lots of cool, colorful images on the big screen behind them.

Taking their bows.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making Movies for the Chick Clique

The 70 invites have all been handed out! Everyone was excited about the wristbands which has increased hype for their party (see an earlier post below to see the invitations and wristbands). I've been working on filming movie shorts for each of the eight girls involved in the upcoming "WWBD" Party that will take place next Friday. We decided that these movies would be the best way to explain their theme. It's taking FOREVER to get these eight girls to be in the same place at the same time all made up and ready to film. The stress of trying to get this all organized is making me glad I never had a career in the movie business! I took pictures of six of the girls who were able to go film in Albuquerque Uptown (which is doubling as a poor man's New York for the purposes of filming Kelsey's movie). Here's a sneak peak from Kelsey's movie...
Kayleen, Brooke, Natalie, Harleigh (as the "dude"), Brianna, and Kelsey ready to film in Uptown. Kayleen and Natalie weren't in this movie but were there for moral support. Candace and Jenni had other obligations.

Brianna, Kelsey, and Brooke were the "three friends shopping."

Harleigh, aka "the Dude," tried to ruin their day of shopping :-)

Brooke and Kelsey "love" each other!

Brianna's mom Tasha met us for lunch after filming. It was her birthday!