Wednesday, April 4, 2018

BRACES TO INVISALIGN: An orthodontist's wife's journey towards her best SMILE

From "snaggle tooth" to a better smile...with metal braces

I never had braces as a child and married a man who was heading off to dental school for four years with a two year stint to follow for his master's degree in orthodontics so I needed to represent the brand. You can kind of see what I mean by looking at the following picture of me with my future husband and his cousin. I had lots of crowding. So much so that my canine didn't have room to descend which caused a snaggle tooth look on the upper right side of my smile. Note that I also wasn't biting down correctly due to the malocclusion (i.e. irregular contact of opposing teeth in the upper and lower jaws).

Dental students and their wives could be treated for free at his dental school's orthodontic program, back in the day, so I made my way down to the school to get bracketed up! I had to have 4 bicuspids pulled due to my age, and the overcrowding. See how excited I looked as a 24-year-old in braces? 

The orthodontic resident treating my case was about to graduate so we stopped treatment before I was actually finished. My husband put braces back on me for a short time after he graduated from orthodontic school, gave me a Hawley retainer for my upper teeth, and placed a permanent retainer on my lower arch. 

I hate to admit it but I was "that patient" who stopped wearing their removable retainer after a few years of nightly wear. Luckily for me, the lower retainer, in conjunction with some random small spaces between a few of my teeth, kept my teeth fairly stable. 

Years later, I watched my orthodontist hubby create the most beautiful, full arch smiles. I mean...he took our daughter Brooke from this...

to this...

I wanted a fuller smile like the ones on many of his patients and would randomly ask him about tweaking my teeth. I mean, my husband is a highly respected orthodontist who gets rave reviews from former patients. But although most kids love the prestige of wearing braces and changing colors with their elastics, I wasn't sure I wanted to be a 50+ year old back in metal brackets. 

My husband is one of the most technologically-minded orthodontists and is always game to try out products that can make the orthodontics a better experience for his patients. He is super smart, graduating at the top of his class, and is a well-known lecturer and blogger about orthodontics. He, in fact, has one of the most read orthodontic blogs now on the Internet:

The Jorgensen Orthodontics Blog

I mention his expertise because he was one of the first orthodontists to try clear aligner therapy, typically known as Invisalign, back when it first came out. By the year 2001, 75% of orthodontists were trained in the Invisalign system and most HATED IT! Orthodontists, who get two years of specialized training after 3-4 years of dental school, just didn't get as good of results as they did using traditional braces. 

Over time, Invisalign improved. They started instructing orthodontists to add "attachments" to the teeth, which are tooth colored bumps. Attachments are like handles for the orthodontist to use in conjunction with the plastic, to move the teeth. Here is a blog post that explains the "why" you need attachments much better than I could:

Why Do I Need Attachments Glued to My Teeth for Invisalign?

Those without that extra two years of orthodontic school generally just put attachments where the computer software tells them to which can be VERY BAD. Clear aligners are just tools to straighten the teeth. An orthodontic specialist is fully trained in using all kinds of tools to give you a beautiful smile. My husband has had to take over MANY clear aligner cases from dentists who don't understand the mechanics of the bite in order to straighten teeth (you don't become anywhere near proficient in orthodontics during dental school). 

"Do it yourself" aligner companies can be even worse than going to someone who didn't specialize in orthodontics after dental school. There has been case after case of people ending up worse off going this route because they wanted to save a few bucks. Some can't bite down normally and others have actually lost teeth! Mail order braces companies have you sign waivers saying you will go to your general dentist to check on the health of your teeth and will then have you make your own model up to mail in. As of today, they don't take an x-ray to check root health before sending you aligners. This is NOT GOOD. If you choose to go that route, really do your research and don't trust the individual companies social media pages for such info! 

With the changes Invisalign has made to their product and software, my husband has been able to use their tool to give his patients more choices when straightening their teeth. He has more confidence in what he can do with clear aligner therapy with such advances which is why I have asked him for a smile tune up using Invisalign.

NEXT UP: "Why Go to an Orthodontist for Such an Easy Case?"


Monday, July 11, 2016

More FUN Disney Character Photos Using Our Simple Trick—CRUISE SHIP Edition

We just returned from a 12-day cruise on the Disney Magic where we had the opportunity to take more FUN Disney Character Photos using Brooke's "trick" of taking a traditional pose and then asking characters for their favorite pose to get more unique photos. 

Let's get started! 

We have rarely seen Jiminy Cricket in the parks so we made sure to get our picture with him. Here are two pictures we took with Jiminy Cricket. The first one was a normal photo. :

This next photo was what Jiminy came up with when we asked him for his favorite pose:

Pinocchio was also on the ship. Brooke actually staged a "puppet" pose when she got an individual picture:

We took a Magic Shot picture at EPCOT a few years ago where Stitch exploded through the concrete while we pointed at him. We always joke about that photo so when I saw that we could get a picture with Stitch, I asked if we could recreate that photo. This is how that one turned out: 

NOTE: Stitch was doing lots of crazy things during his meet and greet. Be open to coming up with a creative photo when you get the chance.

We have gotten many pictures with Minnie over the years, but couldn't resist getting pictures with her throughout the cruise because of her various outfit changes that you typically don't see in the theme parks. Here is one of her favorite poses:

This was the first Disney Cruise I have been on where Marvel characters were scheduled for photo opps. Captain America, Thor, and Spiderman were on our sailing. Here we are saluting the addition of these super heroes with Captain America:

Brent didn't hear the "fold your arms and look confident" pose instruction from Merida lol. It's still a fun photo:

But even better was Merida's individual picture with Brooke where they are both "shooting for their own hands..."

We were on a Norway/Iceland Fjords Cruise that had a "Freeze the Night" party in place of "Pirate Night." This meant that Anna and Elsa were scheduled for photos one of the days of our cruise. We decided to Disneybound like our favorite Frozen characters...I was Anna and Brooke was Elsa. Anna and Elsa suggested a girls pic and helped us pose like them while holding our hands. Here is that picture:

We asked for one more fun pose with Brent (who was supposed to be Kristoff but refused to wear the gray beanie and burgundy belt we got him lol). Oh well...We still got a unique picture doing the Sven: 

We hope you get inspired to take more creative photos on your next Disney Cruise after seeing what we were able to do. We would love to see what YOU came up with so leave us a comment below with links to your FUN Disney photos. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Simple Trick to Getting FUN Disney Character Photos

My daughter Brooke and I have been Disney Fans since she was a toddler. We have made many trips to Disney parks and have been on two Disney Cruises. We like to capture happy moments by photographing our time there like many of you do. We have taken our share of bad photos. Some are too dark, some shadowy, and others are just plain boring. A few of the pictures I'll be showing in this blog post were taken by Photopass Photographers, but the majority were taken with my iPhone. After many years of taking "okay" pictures, my daughter came up with a simple, yet ingenuous idea to get FUN Disney Character Photos.

Let me start by showing you a photo of a group of us taken this year at Disney California Adventure with Jake the Pirate:

We always start off by taking the normal picture where we all stand with the character and smile. But as I mentioned, my daughter Brooke came up with an idea to get FUN photos so after we take a traditional photo, we ask characters to "share their favorite pose" with us for a second photo. Characters usually come up with something way more interesting than just standing in front of the camera saying "cheese." This was Jake's favorite pose:


See how simple that was? It only took another 30 seconds or so and we now have two photos to choose from. Here are some other pictures we got by using our trick.

This picture was also taken at Disney California Adventure with the adorable Doc McStuffin. Little Ava didn't quite understand what Doc was going for, but Brooke and Malia were on point with their posing.

My absolute FAVORITE character photo was taken the day after the 24 hour event that launched Disneyland's Diamond Celebration. We were in Tomorrowland and saw Mickey and Minnie walking by in their 60th Diamond Anniversary outfits. We quickly followed them to their picture taking spot. We took a traditional picture first and then Brooke asked Minnie for her "favorite pose." Minnie proceeded to pantomime us blowing kisses towards Mickey and then THIS happened:

This was not a professional picture. We took it with my iPhone. Again, asking characters to be creative can turn boring pictures into super cool shots.

The next two pictures were taken with Pluto. In the first photo, Pluto posed each of us before crouching down front.

In the second photo he motioned for us to "gently" grab his ears. Yes, the picture is kind of silly, but it's one of our favorites.

Here's another pic posing with a DOG: Dug from UP!

Everyone knows that Tinkerbell can be tempermental. So wouldn't you know that her favorite pose would be of the group doing her signature pout. Now granted, some may have done it better than others, but you get the idea.

How adorable is this photo of my daughter Brooke and Winnie the Pooh? It's simply Pooh and Brooke pondering in "Pooh's Thotful Spot"...

And this sweet picture of my mother, who had just told Eeyore that he was her "favorite." Eeyore motioned for her to give him a kiss and then he held his ears out to the sides.

Character dining photos can be tricky. The lighting is usually pretty bad and the interactions take place somewhat quickly between bites of your meal. We aren't always successful, but we usually ask characters to not pose with their backs to windows. Dining areas tend to be cramped but we do the best we can to get a decent photo. This gem came from a random interaction with Captain Hook as we were leaving the Minnie and Friends Character Breakfast. This is what we "got" when we asked the Captain to inspire our posing:

Yep...he tried to block our faces but we were smart and bent down under his arms lol. He then stopped his shenanigans and motioned for us to do the mustache twirl (NOTE: My son Brent and Daughter Brooke followed his lead; I didn't get the memo to do the one-handed twirl...neither did Brooke's roommate Ellen...but oh well, it's still a fun picture).


We also saw the Chip and Dale, Goofy's son Max, and Minnie herself at the Minnie and Friends Character Breakfast:

Have you seen enough? Or do you want a few more examples? You do? Well here you go...

The next photo was taken at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. We accidentally ran into Tarzan near the "Tree of Life." Brooke got a traditionally-posed photo with Tarzan first and then asked for his input on the second picture. Tarzan proceeded to instruct Brooke to crouch down and then he took a whiff of her hair and said: "Your hair is yellow like bananas but you don't smell like bananas." Tarzan funny guy:

I'll finish this post with three more examples from a trip we took to Walt Disney World. This photo was also taken in the Animal Kingdom. We asked Louie for his favorite pose. I gotta admire the ape for being able to stand with one foot up and his arms in the air...because it wasn't easy for us to do as you can see.

Brooke's ONE REQUEST was to get a picture with Gaston. She likes pompous, windbags for some reason ;) Well, you know what kind of poses Gaston likes? Pretty much any pose that shows off his muscles.

The last example is of Brooke and Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty. Her favorite pose? Gesturing sleeping in a very princessy way.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and start using our trick to get some FUN Disney Character Photos the next time you head to a Disney park. Please leave your comments below with links to the creative photos YOU get by asking characters to show you their favorite poses. 

Choose Your Friends Wisely, For You Will Tend to Be Like Them

by Cheryl Jorgensen

By coloring large letters that spell FRIENDS, you will show how friends, whether they are good or bad can easily rub off on you. 

  • Pencil for each student and a piece of paper with the word FRIENDS on it in bubble letters for each student OR
  • Chalk and Chalkboard
  • Print PDF of "Choose Your Friends Wisely" handouts (make sure to choose "Actual Size" under Page Sizing & Handling); Cut into 10 handouts; NOTE: For personal use only
  • Attach to 2" x 3-1/2" adhesive magnets
  • Print copies of "The Sign on the Wall"
  • Print quotes for Reader #1 and #2
  • Before class print out the word FRIENDS in large bubble letters, about two inches high. 
  • During class, give each student a sheet of paper with FRIENDS printed on it and a pencil. 
  • Tell them to use the pencil to color in all the letters completely and very dark with the pencil. This may take a few minutes. 
  • After they are finished, you will have them rub their fingers over the letters to see that the graphite from the word friends has rubbed off on them.
Alternate option:
You may also have someone write the word "Friends" on the chalkboard and then have them rub the letters instead of using a pencil and paper.

Teacher Read:
"The friends you choose in life can have a big impact on the way you act. Friends can influence what type of clothes you wear, the type of music you listen to, what you believe, the words you use when you speak, the way you treat others, and the list goes on and on. In other words, friends can rub off on you."

Pass out 3x5 Cards and ask class members to think about friends they’ve had in their lives. Have them write down one trait they admired in one of their friends and one trait they did not like in a friend. 

I would like us to read a short story from the New Era Magazine that inspired this lesson (Pass copies of the story, “The Sign on the Wall,” around and have class members read a paragraph at a time).

Reader #1
There is a temptation for girls to reach out to the first available friend, settling instead of choosing. Ezra Taft Benson said,

"Have good associates or don’t associate at all. Be careful in the selection of your friends. If in the presence of certain persons you are lifted to nobler heights, you are in good company. But if your friends or associates encourage base thoughts, then you had best leave them.”

(Ezra Taft Benson, God, Family, Country: Our Three Great Loyalties, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1974, p. 241.) 

Encourage girls to wait for the right friends. This does not mean they can't have friends who are members of a different religion; it just means that their friends should honor their standards. It also does not mean they have to wait for a perfect friend, only that they need to wait for one who will help them to be the best they can be.

Advice on the Selection of Friends:
In the scriptures, we find numerous examples where our Heavenly Father has mentioned traits found in good, and bad friends.
Proverbs 12:26--A righteous man is cautious in friendship, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.
People You Don't Want As Friends 
  • Gossips - Proverbs 20:19
  • Short-tempered - Proverbs 22:24-25
  • Those who drink - Proverbs 23:20-21 Do not join those who drink wine
  • The rebellious - Proverbs 24:21-22
  • Liars, those untrustworthy, and those inconsiderate - Proverbs 25:18-20
As Paul said, the wrong kind of friends can be a corrupting influence (1 Corinthians 15:33).

The Kind of Friends You Want
  • Those who display wisdom - Proverbs 13:20
  • Those who are loyal - Proverbs 18:24
  • Those who give counsel - Proverbs 27:9
  • Those who are not afraid to wound you - Proverbs 27:6
Discuss what people wrote on their 3x5 cards and ask:  
What are some positive ways that your friends have rubbed off on you?


Reader #2 
"Friends" from For the Strength of Youth, page 12

Choose your friends carefully. They will greatly influence how you think and act, and even help determine the person you will become. Choose friends who share your values so you can strengthen and encourage each other in living high standards. A true friend will encourage you to be your best self.

To have good friends, be a good friend yourself. Show interest in others and let them know you care about them. Treat everyone with kindness and respect. Go out of your way to be a friend to those who are shy or do not feel included.

Bear Testimony of the need to have good friends in our lives.

Hand out Magnets to Class Members

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Jorgensen Family Pictures

Up on a roof :)

YAYYYY! We finally got some new family pictures that surpass our old ones. I used one for the header of our page. Although I am a BYU fan as an alumnu (Go Cougars!), I also gotta rep the hometown team...hence, our family in our University of New Mexico Lobo shirts. We are doing the "Everyone's a Lobo...woof...woof...woof" hand gesture in case you were wondering. Special thanks to Bri Saban for the super fun photo shoot!

Here are a few other pictures from the photo shoot:

Waiting in line to order our pizza and getting some business done on their phones. Multitasking at it's best ;)

At one of our family's favorite places...Saggios Restaurant!

I LOVE this picture of Brent and Brooke :)

Another favorite picture of us at Frontier Restaurant (across the street from Saggio's). Greg insisted on getting a few of their famous sweet rolls.

The specs... :)

The boys :)

Look's our picture in a puddle ;)

Family fun :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brookie Graduates!

Brooke and her friends rode together to graduation: Candace, Kelsey, Natalie, Brooke, and Makenzie.

We got box seats because Brooke was the Senior Class President.

Inside of the VVHS Graduation Program. Brooke gave the closing remarks.

Brooke shaking hands with Superintendent Winston Brooks after receiving her diploma. Fun fact, the last person in the receiving line is Breaking Bad actor Steven Michael Quezada who played Hank's DEA partner Steven Gomez. He was recently elected to our school board.

Brooke giving her speech as Senior Class President.


Platform guests, as per the program, are in the picture below.


The Senior Class and Student Body Officers with the school officials on the stage after the ceremony. (l-r: Kristine Meurer, Sheehan Gonzales, David Knowlin, Gage Madrid, Parker Moses, Winston Brooks, Makenzie Hamilton, Valerie Atencio, Brooke, Lucas Strickland, Lance Carlton, Kathy Korte, Steven Quezada, and Shelly Green).