Friday, February 1, 2013

Brooke asks Adam to Winter Ball

Volcano Vista High School's Winter Ball is "girl's choice" so I helped Brooke come up with a way to ask her date to the dance. He is a fitness buff so we looked for sporty stuff to give him. The items in order were:
  1. A 2 lb. weight with a tag that said: "I couldn't weight any longer..." 
  2. A jump rope and a tag that said: "I would jump for joy..." 
  3. A yoga strap with a tag that said: "If yoga to..."
  4. A weighted ball and the final tag that said: "Winter Ball with me"
In case you were wondering...He said "YES!"
The Items we bagged and wrapped up.
We labeled the bags in the order we wanted them read.
On the back of the tags were phrases asking him to Winter Ball.