Monday, June 30, 2008

Last hour at "The Palace" in Cozumel

LOL...The kids HAD to order chocolate cake from room service about an hour before we left. They also thought they had better get at least one picture of our hotel's pool area (with ocean in the background). One of the hotel employees, Ricardo, jumped into the picture at the last second. The final thing the kids did...Ordered one last Pinada for the road.

All went well at the Cozumel Airport. No lines at all! We headed to Houston for our layover and almost didn't get to land at the Houston airport due to a storm. We finally were granted permission to land but ended up with about a 6 hour layover as opposed to the 4 we were supposed to have. Due to planes being stopped from landing in Houston, we breezed through immigration and security. We must have been the first plane to land during that time.

We had a very fun time in Mexico. The family enjoyed their diving and I enjoyed a little R&R. Brooke made a point of paging me on our home phone this morning to request some chocolate cake and a Pinada. I told her she was back to cereal here in NEW Mexico :-)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last Night in Cozumel

WOW! It was a hot and humid few days in Cozumel (84% humidity on this last day). Brent wanted to eat our last Cozumel dinner at El Moro's. Notice the "dewy" look on everyone's faces in the restaurant pictures.

The girls put on sombreros and Brent bought the pyramid jewelry box for Lindsey at El Moro's.

After dinner, we went to play miniature golf. It was a pretty nice course! Better than anything in Albuquerque! Check it out if you ever make your way down to Cozumel.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cozumel--Day 3

These are pictures from the family's last dive. Brooke was lounging on the dock while waiting for the dive boat. The second picture is of everyone, Brian, Brent, Greg, Elise and Brooke on the boat. The last pictures are of the kids in the water. We should have video up in the near future of this dive :-)

BTW...Because we are staying at an all-inclusive resort, Brooke has drank at least 20 Pinadas (non-alcoholic Pina Colada) . We've also had our share of chips and guacamole...YUM!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cozumel--Day 1

We met up with Brian and Elise at the Houston airport and had lunch at Pappasitos (great Houston Airport restaurant). We then took a flight to Cozumel, Mexico. We were able to get two big suites with king beds on the main floor and two double beds on an upper floor. Each room has a HUGE hot tub in it. You can easily fit four people in the hot tub.

Brooke raced to the room to get into the hot tub AND to order chocolate mousse cake from room service (we have all inclusive benefits so our kids can order food all day and night!). You can see her enjoying her cake :-)

We also headed for one of Greg's favorite restaurants...La Choza. Greg has been joking with Brent that he was going to have the La Choza mariachi's sing his new favorite mariachi song: Guantanamera. You can see Brent (and the rest of the gang's) response in the video.

"Guantanamera" ("girl from Guantánamo") is perhaps the best known Cuban song and that country's most noted patriotic song.The original lyrics to the song, as written by José Fernández, relate to a particular woman from Guantánamo, with whom he had a romantic relationship, and who — if the lyrics are to be believed — eventually left him. The alleged real story behind these lyrics (or at least one of many versions of the song's origin that Fernández suggested during his lifetime) is that she did not have a romantic interest in him, but merely a platonic one. If the details are to be believed, she had brought him a steak sandwich one day as a present to the radio station he worked at, he stared at some other woman (and made a pass at her) while eating the sandwich, and his friend yanked it out of his hands in disgust, cursed him and left. He never saw her again. These words are rarely sung today.

The history behind the chorus and its lyrics ("Guantanamera … / Guajira Guantanamera …") is quite similar to this one: García was at a street corner with a group of friends, and made a courteous pass (a "piropo", in Spanish) to a woman (who also happened to be from Guantánamo) who walked by the group, and answered back rather harshly, offended by the pass. Stunned, he could not take his mind off her reaction while his friends made fun of him; later that day, sitting at a piano with his friends next to him, he wrote the song's main refrain.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Brent & Cheryl Head to Utah

Brent and I took a short trip to take up some of his stuff. We checked out his apartment while we were there. You can see his kitchen in the first picture. Brent's girlfriend Lindsey and her roommate Jessica came to Salt Lake Saturday and hung out with us. We ate one of our meals at the Avenues Bakery and Bistro (Brent HAD to go next door to get an Einstein Bagel for an appetizer).

We were also able to go to Ikea and get Brian and Elise a green rug and the three mirrors to spruce up their living room. We also got them a shelf for some of their food and kitchen items. Check out Elise's blog for more pictures (and to see a picture of their front door and the story behind it). Give her a day or so to put it up as I am just sending her the pictures tonight :-)

PS: Brent and Brian showed up for breakfast looking somewhat twin-like which warranted a picture.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

TiVo HD Series 3 CableCARD Issues SOLVED :-)

I FINALLY got my second TiVo HD Series 3 WORKING. After two TiVos...I kind of see a pattern of why I wasn't getting channels on some of my tuners. It took about four calls this time to finally get someone on the phone who would be patient with my assessment of the situation. So...Here are the SECRETS to hopefully getting your TiVo running:

First, make sure Comcast has matched the cablecards to the correct host IDs. You can pull out the cards yourself and write down the cablecard numbers. Then go into the Messages and Settings menu. Select Account & System Information menu. Then, the CableCARD Decoders menu. Select Configure CableCARD 1 and then CableCARD Menu. Look for the Host ID Screen (the name is different for Multistream and Singlestream Scientific Atlanta cards). Write down the Host ID number for CableCARD 1 (with the number on the card). Do the same for CableCARD 2. The numbers can get screwed up when the Comcast Rep enters them. If this fails to get your channels working...

Make SURE the Hierarchy of your Comcast equipment is listed correctly on your account. I will try to order this in layman's terms from what I wrote down after I convinced my Comcast Rep to check the equipment order:

Comcast Hierarchy

1. HD DVRs must be listed FIRST!!
2. Non HD DVR boxes next
3. HD cable boxes (without a DVR)
4. Digital Converter (which she said were regular cable boxes)
5. Modem (for internet access)
6. Phone service (I think it was an EMTA for those getting Comcast phone service)
7. Cablecards

If you are still missing channels on one or more of your tuners, make sure the TiVo rate is linked to your account (I'm not sure how they do this, I just know not having it messed up my first TiVo HD Series 3).

A working TiVo HD Series 3 rocks!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cibola's 4x400 Relay at State (Video)

Brent ran the first leg of the 4x400 relay at the 2008 NM State Track Meet. He ran neck and neck with La Cueva's, Riley McKee. Daniel Gooris ended up losing ground to Matt Watkins but tied him as Daniel handed off to Tyler Jaramillo. La Cueva's Chad Clark got ahead of Tyler, but Matt Valenzuela made up the difference by catching, and then beating La Cueva's Marcus Dowdican by three hundredths of a second. The La Cueva parent who videotaped the race also got the teams on the medal stand. You can see Brent shaking hands with La Cueva...that's our boy...always talking to the other team :-) The La Cueva parent talked about their team getting the school record; Cibola also broke their school record with their 3:19.18 time.

NOTE: You can click the YouTube logo to watch the video on YouTube as opposed to my blog. If you watch on YouTube, you can select to watch the video in "high quality" (under where it says "Views").

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brent goes THUD!

Brent has been begging to get LASIK eye surgery for the past few months to correct his nearsightedness. I had told him that ophthalmologists wouldn't even consider him until his 18th birthday. So since his birthday (a little over a week ago) he's been hounding me to get him an appointment. It was really strange...Brian and I went to a certain doctor in town and our results were great but for some reason I felt the need to check around Albuquerque for a doctor who offered the most advanced technology. I'm now thinking it was inspiration on my part. Read on...

It appears that Brent has thin and slightly abnormal corneas. If the cornea is thin, it may be subject to disease called keratoconus. Brent's doctor explained that there is a certain amount of cornea that needs to remain untouched for the cornea to remain stable. As Brent heard the diagnosis, his heart sank. But, the doctor continued, there is a somewhat new procedure for people like him that would give just as good, or better vision. It's called ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens). His doctor will make a small incision and will insert a corrective lens inside the eye behind the iris. To read a little more you can go to the following link: Starr Visian ICL. This doctor is the only one in the state qualified to do this procedure (that's where I am thinking the spirit guided me to a different doctor). I've seen in orthodontics how some dentists or orthodontists do procedures that are not in the best interest of the patient and appreciate this doctor not risking the future health of Brent's eyes by performing a surgery that could cause injury somewhere down the road.

The only downside I can see is that the cost is a bit more (like adding the cost of a third eye). He could have opted for PRK but the recovery time and pain are not worth the lower cost.

OH...not only did we get the surprise that Brent was not a candidate for Intralase (Laser surgery)...but right before Brent had his left cornea measured, he blacked out and fell out of the chair. I had been with him for all the other tests before we got the results from one of the eye maps that noted his thin and irregular corneas. The eye tech put some numbing drops in Brent's eyes and then told me to wait while she and Brent went out of the room, just a few steps away, to do this last test...

After about 30 seconds...I heard a THUD and then the tech yelling for help. I ran out and saw Brent flat on his stomach. I turned him over and he started coming to. The first thing he said was that his knees hurt (that's because his knees hit the table on his way falling out of the rolling chair). He also mentioned his ear hurting (that's cuz his head hit the wall!). We are not sure why he fainted. Could have been the lack of food (he barely got a banana down before we went to his appointment at 11 AM) or it could have been slight nervousness at having his second eye touched by a probe.

You'll have to ask him the rest of the story or how he felt BEFORE and AFTER the THUD :-)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday Brent!--June 2, 2008

A birthday retrospective look back at 7 years at Buca di Beppo for Brent's birthdays...

2008--Brent's 18th Birthday
Greg, Marcus Barry (not shown--was late), Jon Mader, Aaron Schuetze, Terrance Motley, Matt Valenzuela, Brent, Steven Serock, Brandon Simpson, Mycah Huitron (camera shy for the first time ever), Eddie Eubanks, Candace Burton, and Brooke.

2007--Brent's 17th Birthday

In view: Zach Kaberlein, Daniel Gooris, Brent, Heather Curran, Mara Burklee, Kurtis Caldwell, Andrew Apodaca, Erik Sparks.

Dustin, Steven, Zach, Daniel, and Brent.

2006--Brent's 16th Birthday

SURPRISE! Brent opens the door to see all his basketball buddies.

Inside the limo.

We had to get the Pope's Table (it's the tradition).

The pizza is always great!

Brooke, Elise, and Brian.

2005--Brent's 15th Birthday

Brent, picture of Steven (who was sick), Kurtis Caldwell, Dustin Westby, Brandon Simpson (out of view), Ronnie Marquez, Chase Ruffin, Greg, Brooke, Me (taking picture), Brian (out of view), Elise, Erik Sparks, Jon Mader, Mycah Huitron, Zach Kaberlein.

Kurtis, Dustin, Simp, Ronnie, Chase.

Sparky, Mader, Mycah.

Zach, Brent, and picture of Steven.

Close up of Steven :-)

Brian and Elise.

2004--Brent's 14th Birthday

Brent wanted to go to Buca di Beppo for his birthday dinner. His friends: Kurtis Caldwell, Steven Serock, Zach Kaberlein, Ronnie Marquez, Chase Ruffin, Emilio Andrade, and Dustin Westby all attended. The boys had a sleepover afterwards (Yikes! Eight 14-15 year-old boys was quite a handful).

Brent and his Buca Cake.

Brooke, Brian, and Elise.

Steven (under hat), Emilio, and Ronnie.

Ronnie, Kurtis, and Zach.

2003--Brent's 13th Birthday

Greg didn't take pictures for some reason. I was at Young Women Camp and missed this event. This was the only time I wasn't there in all 7 years :-(

2002--Brent's 12th Birthday (Our inaugural visit)

Front l-r: Brooke, Andrea Jorgensen, Ronnie Marquez, and Westin Allred. Back l-r: Lauren Walker, Emma Pauling, Cheryl, Greg, Clinton Mortley, Brent, Brian and Steven Serock.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Magazine Cover :-)

LOL...Yes, it's a fake cover. Still pretty cool, don't cha think?

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