Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Want to Contact Elder Brent Jorgensen?

You asked Jenny... Here it is! I had this post ready but hadn't published it yet :-)

NOTE TO EVERYONE: After reading this, scroll down to see pictures of us dropping Brent off at the MTC yesterday.

Want to have an email printed and delivered FREE to Brent's mailbox while he is in the Missionary Training Center? Go to the web site: and sign up for their service.

Click on "Write a Letter." Select the "Provo MTC" from the drop-down menu (at least until mid-August). You will need to know two bits of info... Brent's MTC box number is 196-0819 (NOTE: the 0819 corresponds to his estimated departure date); Translated, his estimated MTC Departure date is 08/16/09 (you need to know this when you write a letter on Letters are dropped off at the U.S. Post Office in Provo Utah every
afternoon at 12:15

Write your letter and they will print and deliver it to Brent! Let me know if you wrote him!
You may also write him at the MTC with a traditional letter:

Elder Brent Lee Jorgensen
MTC Mailbox #196-0819
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Brent Enters the Missionary Training Center

TODAY was the day...By the way, I thought everyone pretty much heard about the new drop-off procedure at the MTC due to a mini swine flu outbreak. I've typed up a post with info from a letter we received from the Missionary Department. Click HERE to read that letter describing the new policy.
Brent wanted to eat at Cafe Rio for his last meal before entering the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC).

Brent took his last personal cell phone call (from Ashley Pattin).

We had parked across the street and walked to the sign to take a picture before checking Brent in.

We walked back to our car and that's when...

Brent willingly "surrendered" his cell phone for two years.

I asked for one last picture of Brooke and Brent together in the car and it took four times to get these two to stop messing around...

Much better :-)

Due to the new drop-off procedure, we were greeted by groups of waving missionaries OUTSIDE.

There were signs with numbers for cars to pull up next to.

Brooke checks Brent in.

One of the elders helped Brent with his luggage.

One last picture with Dad.

One last picture with Brooke.

And one last picture with Mom.

We love you Elder Jorgensen and know you will be a fabulous missionary!

Swine Flu Letter from the MTC (drop off procedure change)

I guess I assumed everyone knew about the change in the drop-off procedure at the MTC but I guess I was wrong. I figured I'd share the letter we received from the MTC about this change in policy:

5 June 2009

Dear Missionary:

Health and Safety of Missionaries

Across the world there has been much publicity and concern regarding the importance of containing the spread of communicable diseases. In light of this concern, and as a precautionary measure, the Provo Missionary Training Center will now allow only newly arriving full-time missionaries to enter the MTC facility. This is to prevent additional exposure from outside sources to the missionaries currently at the MTC. Therefore, families should say their goodbyes at home. Those transporting a missionary to the Provo MTC will be able to bid only a brief farewell to their missionary as luggage is unloaded. This marks a permanent change to the drop-off procedure and is consistent with established procedures at all international MTCs.

Missionaries with a fever, chills, sore throat, or body aches in the days immemdiately preceding their scheduled arrival should call (phone number here) to dicuss the advisability of entering the MTC on the scheduled day. If necessary, an alternate entry date will be arranged.

For your information, the Provo MTC includes a health clinic staffed by physicians and nurses to treat the few missionaries who become ill. Precautions are being taken to limit the spread of disease within the center. Any missionary in residence, who exhibits the symptoms listed above, will be held at the MTC until he or she has completed the standard course of treatment.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in protecting the health of missionaries and those they serve. We look forward to your arrival.

Missionary Department

Monday, June 15, 2009

Brent's Last 36 Hours Before Entering the MTC

We were able to have Brent "set apart" to be a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Monday evening (June 15, 2009) by our Stake President, Lane Sego. Besides myself, Greg, and Brooke, Brent also had friends: Kathlein Marcell, Gabby Ellison, Ashley Pattin, and Candace Burton attend. Before he was set apart, the last song he listened to was "Hey Jude" by The Beatles. He will give up popular music, TV, movies, girls, texting, etc. for two years. The girls also gave him his last hugs from females who are not family (Gabby got the very last hug). Rachael Marcell could not attend as she was on her flight back to Texas. Sister Kristen Marcell (who was at work but who joined us later) told us that Rachael was emotional on the plane. I guess the flight attendant noticed her crying about Brent leaving. The flight attendant AND the pilot both tried to comfort Rachael before the flight :-)

Here we are at the 7 Bar Stake Center:

Me, Brent, Greg, and Brooke.

Kathlein, Gabby, Brent, and Ashley.

We met up the next morning with Brent's friends for one last breakfast in Albuquerque. We ate at Weck's Restaurant:

Kurtis Caldwell, Daniel Gooris, Curtis Beach, and Brent enjoy breakfast with lots of green chile.

Brooke gives her meal a thumbs up!

We then headed for the airport for our flight to Salt Lake City, Utah:

Brent wrote letters to some of his friends while waiting for our plane.

We went to The Roof Restaurant where we met up with Brian, Elise, Uncle Steve and Aunt Carol Scott, and Uncle Rick and Aunt Bobbi Plewe:

Our Family :-)

Front row: Aunt Carol, Brent, and Aunt Bobbi; Back row: Uncle Rick, Greg, and Uncle Steve.

Greg showed everyone some pictures on his laptop of the day he entered the Provo Missionary Training Center (these aunts and uncles were in the pictures as they all went with Greg as he reported to the MTC). 

 Brent with the Salt Lake Temple in the background.

Greg, Brooke, Brent, Me, Elise, and Brian in front of the Salt Lake Temple.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

San Francisco--June 4-7, 2009

We took our family to San Francisco for a few days for Brent's last family trip as he is going on a church mission for 2 years. We stayed on Union Square in the Westin St. Francis Hotel. We ate at Michael Mina's, Morton's, Boudin's Bistro, and Scala's Bistro. We also got to do some fun shopping the first 2 days we were there.

We were able to spend one of the days with the Marcum family on June 6th. They headed down to meet us in San Francisco. We hung out on Fisherman's Wharf and ate lunch at the Boudin's Bistro. After lunch, we hopped on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to watch the Oakland A's vs. the Baltimore Orioles. The A's KILLED the Orioles but I can't remember the final score. There was a FREE Jordin Sparks concert immediately following the baseball game. I've got some funny video of our group during the concert :-)

We had a great time in one of our family's most favorite cities in the United States!
First thing we did when we got to San Francisco was to head over to Boudin's for some sourdough bread!

Brent outside of Boudin's in Union Square.

Brooke and McKenna get a scare from the Fisherman's Wharf bush man.

This guy was hilarious! He sets up near Ghirardelli Square and sings for his money.

Mitch Marcum, Brooke, McKenna Marcum, and Brent in front. Kelly Marcum, Brian, Elise, Cheryl, Jolynn and Greg in the back at Ghirardelli Square.

We rode BART to the Oakland A's Baseball Game.

Jolynn and I were not sure why Greg didn't sit by Kelly on BART before a nice young lady did.

Kelly and Brent before the Oakland A's played the Baltimore Orioles.

McKenna, Mitch, and friend Eric.
It was a nice day for a baseball game.

Brooke enjoyed a churro.

Greg, Kelly, and Brent.

Brent, Brooke, Me, Jolynn, and McKenna.

Greg talked to a guy in front of him most of the game (Kelly looks really interested in what they are saying).

American Idol Season 6 winner, Jordin Sparks performed a free concert after the baseball game.

Jordin's stage.

Kelly made an effort to enjoy the concert by goofing around LOL. Check out the short video from the Jordin Sparks concert.

This is for you Brookie!

Brent with the groovy hat he got (filled with popcorn) at the game.

One of the last things we did was get some bread from Boudin's. We encountered a pleasant man with the most hilarious voice.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday Brent!

We celebrated Brent's 19th birthday as per tradition at Buda di Beppo at the Pope's Table. This will be Brent's last celebration there as he will be gone on a two-year mission for our church (Spanish speaking in Minnesota). A couple of his friends were out of town but he still got a bunch of his friends to attend. Most of the group have attended his birthday there in previous years. A link to his past Buca birthdays can be found here.
Zach Kaberlein, Kurtis Caldwell, Marcus Barry, Brooke, Gabby Ellison, Me, Brent, Jon Mader, Steven Serock, Dustin Westby, and Brandon Simpson (Greg took the picture).

We got Brent a retro Albuquerque Dukes Baseball hat and Minnesota Vikings Lanyard.

Gabby and Brooke (putting Gabby's fingers through a magazine ad).

Jon, Brandon, David Reza.

Zach, Marcus, Steven, and Kurtis playing some Mario game on the Wii.

Brooke and I found Minnesota Vikings plates to use for his cake and ice cream.