Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brent Part of FOUR Cibola Track Records

Brent's goal when he was a freshman at Cibola was to get his name on the the gym wall for track. He ended up being part of EVERY SINGLE RELAY that broke Cibola High School Boys Track records!

He was part of last year's 4x100 relay, 4x200 relay, 4x400 relay, and we just found out that they had the wrong time listed for the old 1600 medley relay school record and that Brent's group (when he was a sophomore) also broke that school record! They will update the wall this summer with his team's time in the 1600 medley. AMAZING JOB BRENT! He is the only runner from Cibola who was on all four of those record-breaking relay teams.

NOTE: his 4x200 and 4x400 relays came in first last year at state! His 1600 medley relay team barely lost 1st at state in the last few seconds ending up in 2nd place (2006).

Brent also holds Cibola freshman boys track records in three events: 200 m race (23.03 seconds); high jump--three way tie for first (5'10"); and the long jump (21' 1/2").

PS: Sorry if this post sounds too "braggy"...I just never imagined that he would, not only meet, but surpass his goal!

Below are pictures from the school (you can click on each picture to view in a larger format)...
The wall in the basketball gym with all of the school records.

The Cibola Boys Track Team was the first Cibola boys sports team to win a state championship in 25 years! (The golf ones were individuals winning at state--not the CHS golf team).

The coaches put the banners we had made up in the school concourse. We heard that there will be about 100 boys signing up for track for the 2009 season! How cool is that! Kudos to the best coach in ANY SPORT...Kenny Henry! Coach Berniger and Coach George are also amazing track coaches!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brooke at Charlie's Sandbox

Here is a video of Brooke, Candace, Harleigh, and Natalie at volleyball practice. They play sand volleyball in preparation for high school volleyball next year.

I'm Actually down 16 lbs!

So, when looking at my Sparkpeople.com page (Anna Allred uses one and I neglected to review other weights I've entered in over the past few years), I realized that I had lost 6 pounds from mid July to my November 1, 2008 start date.

Therefore, I'm down 16 lbs. in the past 6 months :-) That makes me feel even better! Now if I could get the painters out of my house so I can get back into a normal exercise routine UGH!

Monday, January 19, 2009

10 lbs. Down, 20 (or 30--in my dreams) To Go

I have waited to post about my weight loss status until I hit what I consider a mini-milestone :-) Yep, this morning I finally hit the 10 pounds lost mark...well, 10.2 pounds to be exact :-) I have been on my latest weight loss journey since November 1, 2008. I might have done better if we didn't have all those eating holidays (including my birthday) these past 2 1/2 months LOL. I'm now about at the weight I got down to a few years ago when on Weight Watchers, but I lost this a lot easier than I did back then. I'm now at the weight I got up to with my first pregnancy (how depressing, but better than that weight plus the 16 more pounds I had on my body at my top weight). I would love to lose 30 more pounds, but that may be unrealistic for my age (47). Losing 20 more lbs. may be a better goal.

Here's a picture of me today (no photoshopping, no high heels, no taking the picture with good angles--I even wore trouser-style pants as opposed to tighter pants with a nicer line to not make myself look better haha). I'm humiliating myself in public by posting on my blog in hopes it will help me as I work towards my goal.

Friday, January 16, 2009

"Tonight I Wanna Cry"

I was so depressed after the carpet guys left as pretty much every single room in my house was really messy. It wouldn't be so bad, but it's been over a month now that I've had workmen in my house. I have a problem living amidst clutter due to some issues from my childhood...

Brooke has a lot of her things in the guest room because she doesn't want to "junk up" her room. So that is going to take awhile to sort out. BTW...I've got some cool things in mind for her Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany's room. I talk about it a little in the video. The dress form in her room is soooo cool. It came with red dangly jewels but I went to home depot and got some clear chandelier crystals and hung them on the dress form and it looks so much classier (you won't see those in the video because I added them after I filmed it). I wish I could convince her to let me switch out her ceiling fan for a crystal chandelier but she USES her fan ever single night (even in the Winter!).

Some things have turned out nicely, and some things still need work (painters broke a desk lamp, there are drops of paint in various places that I have been cleaning up, carpet guys broke Brooke's shower curtain rod, the carpet guy underestimated the carpet so I have spot with no carpet).

I didn't even go into what was once our clean garage to video (ugh! the painters threw stuff everywhere!).

Oh well, here is the latest video:

Does Dad's Coat Look Pretty Close to Mine???

After looking at Jen's New Year's Pictures, I noticed Dad wearing a coat wayyyy too close to a ski coat I've owned for quite a few years. You be the judge (it is slightly different, but when I saw it I thought "Wow! That coat looks familiar!").

A picture of my coat is first, then see dad in his coat below (from Jen's page: http://nycskousens.blogspot.com/2009/01/happy-2009.html).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This Is Why I Am Overwhelmed...

Painters still painting...Carpets being put in...House in total disarray...More closets to empty out...HELP ME PLEASE...I'm going crazy!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Night the Lights Went Out in Albuquerque

I had been working on the Powerpoint part of my VERY FIRST New Family Search Sunday School lesson when we experienced a power outage. Greg, Brooke, and I sat in the dark for about an hour before Greg talked us into going to Sonic and then his office in our jammies.

Brooke and I were laughing at Greg because he was doing all this stuff that you would normally do IF YOU HAD POWER. His computer had back up power, so he finished some work...he then used his electric razor to shave. Brooke and I were just sitting on the Love Sac talking when he came out and BLINDED us with one of those caving lights you wear on your head LOL. It was at that point he convinced us to go to Sonic for a soft drink (11:45 PM) and then off to his office to do Brooke's orthodontic adjustment (Midnight). He did some expert wire-bending to gently bring down one of Brooke's teeth. By the time we got home (around 1 AM), the power was back on. I finished up my lesson at a little after 3 AM. Anyway...I couldn't resist documenting this crazy evening.
I really try to limit the soda my family drinks, but Brooke couldn't resist a Sonic drink during the power outage.

Brooke threw on a sweatshirt over her pjs. Here we are at Greg's office.

Greg figured this would be a good time to do Brooke's orthodontic adjustment.

Yep...It was 12:15 AM!

Doesn't Brooke look like she's having fun?

Greg's fancy wire bending should bring that tooth down in no time!

Brooke just had to "wake up" the fish.

Before leaving, she had to find her model box, #748 to see her teeth before braces.

She has come a LONG way!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lobo Men's Basketball Game

This was the first Lobo Men's Basketball game I've gone to this year. Greg, Brooke, and her friend Candace went to Saggio's for some pizza and salad before the game. The Lobos ended up blowing out Air Force 78-53. Here are a few pictures from our evening...
Greg LOVES the Scicilian salad and pepperoni pizza from Saggio's. Brooke was bummed that we didn't add green chile to the pizza.

Me and Candace :-)

Go, Fight, Win, LOBOS!

Coach Alford has little chairs for the players that he sets right on the floor during time outs.

The student section with their Lobo fingers :-)

Everyone's a Lobo...woof, woof, woof!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Remodeling Update (Video!)

I keep telling myself that our remodeling efforts will be worth all the mess and inconvenience to help myself get through it all. I really am thankful that we are getting our house fixed up. We had plans to build on our 5 acre lot that is about 2 miles from our house but I am satisfied with the home I have (which is paid off). I figure I can update it a bit and be happy for years longer!

Here's a video I took today:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thanks Greg and Brooke!

I've been trying to organize the boxes of items/junk from the various closets as they are painted but our house is pretty much in chaos right now. Some beautiful flowers arrived for my birthday and I was impressed by their beauty in the midst of all the mess :-)

A little sad news...Greg and Brooke asked where I wanted to go to dinner and I was in the mood for some Chicken Marsala from Carraba's. When we arrived I noticed the wall sign had been removed and I nervously wondered if the place had closed down. Sure enough, one of our favorite restaurants closed for good on January 4th. We also suspiciously wondered why there were no cars at Whiske Grill as we drove to Carraba's (??) We decided to drive by on our way home and found that ANOTHER of our favorite (and convenient) restaurants had closed for good (also) on January 4th. I had just been talking up the grilled artichokes at Whiske to my friends during lunch today and will now have to tell them that they will never get to experience their deliciousness :-(

My day ended with a small ice cream cake, in the perfect size for the three of us. I want to thank Greg and Brooke for a fun evening (even though we did have to pick a random restaurant to eat at tonight).
Beautiful "birthday" flowers arrived from my husband amongst the chaos.

All we needed was a tiny cake for the three of us from Baskin Robbins :-)

I Love My Friends :-)

My sweet friend Jeni Payne invited some of my friends to lunch at PF Changs to celebrate my 47th birthday. I think this was probably my most favorite birthday lunch EVER as everyone was so happy, hopeful, and generally in great spirits. Thank you so much everyone for your care and support over the years. Here's to a great 2009!
Me with my BFF Jeni who got a few of my friends together for a birthday lunch at PF Changs. Love you Jeni!

Karee Sowards and Shauna Kemsley (Karee is looking "especially curious" in this photograph...LOL). Two of my idols!

Cindy Webb with Jill Decker (haha...Jill is calling the Relief Society President to explain why she was late for their meeting! Thanks for staying Jill!). And thanks to Cindy's mom for babysitting for her so she could hang out with us.

Sheri Lamb, Roberta Hamilton, and Linda Beazel. These three women are amazing!

My "other brother" Cheryl Oberer (aka Cheryl O) with my dear friend KT Johnson :-)

The whole group...I love these women! Missing is little Miss Ali Mack-arooni who was under the weather (there's your seat just waiting for you Ali next to Linda). PS to KT...You're lucky I didn't put the 2nd version of this picture up with you sticking out your tongue...LOL!

Jeni made us her YUMMY chocolate bundt cake with homemade whipped cream!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

With Brent home for Christmas break from BYU, our home was once again filled with lots of boys. We love these boys like sons and are happy they feel comfortable coming over and hanging with us. Brooke and I were laughing about the differences between her friends and Brent's friends. Brooke's friends do not eat as much and aren't nearly as rowdy.

OH...notice near the Love Sac that we are missing part of our couch...Greg had to cut that seat off our sectional with a hack saw as it had been broken since the days of these rowdy boys jumping over, and on that part of the couch. The back of that seat finally broke and fell backwards. It's a good thing I have a new couch on order. It should arrive at the end of this month. I guess I should be happy the couch lasted the past 10 years.
Kurtis Caldwell, Brent, Zach "Burch" Kaberlein, Daniel Gooris, Terrance Motley, Mikey Mascarenes, and Dustin Westby are playing/watching. Aaron Schuetze, Brandon Simpson, and Brent's girlfriend Lindsey showed up later.

The boys have been loving playing "Mario Kart" on the Wii. They've shown up the past three nights to play.

Me making my famous French toast for the guys (I went through 4 loaves of French bread--probably made about 40 pieces).

Left to right: Kurtis (in brown), Mikey, Terrance, Danielle, Simp, Burch, and Brent enjoying the meal.