Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brent's New Mission Address/Brent Greeted with a Tornado!

Brent left the MTC yesterday for the Minneapolis Minnesota Spanish Speaking Mission. I just got off the phone with Brent's Uncle Matt who, with his family, lives in Minnesota. Matt mentioned that Brent was greeted with a possible TORNADO yesterday. I went online and found the following story (good thing I didn't know about this yesterday!)...

Winds rip through Minneapolis, possible tornado

MINNEAPOLIS — Weather experts are looking into tornado reports after powerful winds ripped through Minneapolis, tearing off part of a 90-year-old metal church steeple.

The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning Wednesday afternoon after receiving reports of a tornado just north of downtown. The city has received no immediate reports of injury.

The winds toppled trees and scattered large outdoor tents and chairs set up downtown for the national Evangelical Lutheran Church in America convention. The steeple at the Central Lutheran Church next door was damaged as 120 people were inside, though a church spokesman said no one was injured

Hennepin County sheriff's officials said trained weather spotters also reported seeing a tornado.

WOW! What a way to be greeted to your new mission Brent!

Brent's Address for the next 22 months will be:

Elder Brent Lee Jorgensen
Minnesota Minneapolis Mission
5931 W. 96th St.
Bloomington, MN, 55438-1715

I'm sure he would love to hear from you!

Brooke's First Day of High School AND Seminary

Brooke had to get up EARLY to get ready for her first day of school and for seminary. Seminary is a scripture study for high school age members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Despite her preparation, she forget SPANDEX for volleyball practice after school so Mom has to make a trip to the high school later ;-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brooke Gets Her Braces Off

One last smile with the braces on.

Danette starts the removal.

Candace and Kelsey had stayed the night and were finishing getting ready in the break room.

Friend Felisha (middle) had an appointment at the same time.

Almost done.

Brooke gets one last picture with her dad/orthodontist.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New+Gen Academy Groundbreaking--Monday, August 17, 2009

Brooke and I served on a committee for an APS (Albuquerque Public Schools) first all tech high school. Our job was to come up with a name the new school's mission, message, and what the characteristics will be. The school board capital outlay committee did approve our new name: Nex+Gen Academy, pronounced Nexgen.

Some members of the committee were originally pushing for Camino Nuevo which I didn't like. That name sounded like an OLD car (remember the El Camino) to me and this was supposed to be a NEWer type of school. Luckily, there is some correction facility with that name (WHEW!). Jon Price (committee member who works at Intel) and Brooke were discussing how kids today are what they call "digital natives" (A digital native is a person for whom digital technologies already existed when they were born, and hence has grown up with digital technology). This branding direction pushed the committee towards a more modern name: Nex+Gen Academy.

Brooke, and the other two students who served on the committee were part of the groundbreaking ceremony with New Mexico Senator, Jeff Bingaman. Brooke was interviewed by both Channel 13 (KRQE) and Channel 7 (KOAT) news.

Link to video of Brooke being interviewed on KRQE news:

Link to video of Brooke being interviewed on KOAT news:

Here are some pictures from the event...
Senator Bingaman with Del Norte High School Student Body President and the other students who served on the naming committee.

My friend, Andrea Schoellkopf, writes for the Albuquerque Journal (newspaper). This was her (and son Daniel) interviewing Senator Bingaman.

With APS Superintendent Winston Brooks.

Brooke getting interviewed by KRQE News.

Next interview: KOAT News.

With New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy 47th Birthday Greg!

Greg wanted Gardunos for dinner, a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting from Sam's Club, and a TAG (watch) for his birthday. I had pretended like I got him some other present by making a "Facebook status" comment saying that "I didn't know what to get Greg for his birthday" (I actually had already purchased the watch). Here are the pictures from his birthday:
Family friend, Rachael Marcell, and Brooke eat their Sopapillas at Gardunos.

LOL...We made him wear the sombrero at Gardunos--Ole! ;-)

Brooke and I decided to put the TAG watch I bought Greg in a Ralph Lauren bag in order to SURPISE him :-)

Here he is with his FAVORITE cake. We have 3/4 of it left...anyone want some cake?

Card and present time. Brent sent a card from the MTC and Brian called. Greg got English toffee and some money from his Mom and Dad :-)

SURPRISE! We got you the watch you've been eying the past three years!

Greg's pride and joy. Happy Birthday!