Sunday, September 28, 2008

Past Family Pictures

After looking at my "yearbook" photos, I took a look back at our family pictures and updated our web page to include three fabulous ones that my friend Bri Saban took this past May. To see how we've changed over the years...Go to Our Past Family Pictures link and check it out.

Besides the pictures Bri took, I love our 1998 Casual pose. I made everyone dress according to what their life interest was at that point. Greg, of course was into his career; I was a scrapbooker; Brian liked football (at least I think he did...LOL. We probably should of had him hold a computer manual because he's been reading them since the THIRD GRADE!); Brent was a basketball fan; and Brooke LOVED Disney's Beauty and the Beast. (PS...the family pic in 1989 of Greg looking a bit like "Mr. Spock" is an interesting one).

I want comments of your favorite Jorgensen Family pics :-)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Enrique Iglesias Concert

My friend Roberta Hamilton called a few months ago to see if Brooke and I wanted to go see Enrique Iglesias in concert with her and her daughter Averie. I admitted that I only knew 2 or 3 Enrique songs but decided to tag along anyway. The concert was scheduled to begin at 8 PM but didn't start until right before 9 PM. Enrique mentioned something about having a fever so I'm guessing he was sick. There was no opening act so we started right off with him. He ended up playing for about an hour and 10 minutes. He sang the first song in English and then shouted out something in Spanish (I think he asked how many people there knew Spanish). About 1/2 the crowd cheered. From then on, he pretty much sang all his songs in Spanish.

He did invite a few people on stage in between songs. Enrique asked one of the guys he brought up if the guy "came to the concert to meet girls." The guy said "no." Enrique then asked, "Do you have your family here?" Again...the answer was "no." Exasperated, Enrique said..."Are you GAY?" To which the guy responded "yes." Enrique appeared a bit flustered and mumbled that the guy didn't look like a stereotypical gay person and added that he, Enrique, had tons of gay friends. The guy then said..."Yeah, I saw you on YouTube in London (in a gay club)." Enrique then mentioned that he was comfortable with himself and could go to gay clubs even though he was straight. Let me just was an interesting exchange.

He sang "Do You Know (the Ping Pong Song)" last--in Spanish. There was a bunch of confetti shot into the audience at the end of that song. I'm including video of the end of that song.

For his encore, he invited a rather large gal named Beverly up on stage. Enrique sang his song "Hero" to her. Averie and Brooke were mad that Enrique picked Beverly and not them...LOL. You can see the video of him singing to Beverly at the end of this post.

Here are some pictures of our evening together...

Brooke and Averie in their Enrique Shirts.

Roberta and Averie.

Me and Brooke.


Monday, September 15, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by my sister-in-law Jenny. The Rules: Answer the questions using only ONE WORD (or just a few words if you can't quite get it done in one word). Then tag four others. I'm going to tag Connie, Kim P., and anyone else of my friends or relatives who have NOT been tagged...

1. Where is your cell phone? purse
2. Your significant other? Greg
3. Your hair? brown
4. Your mother? in California
5. Your father? not sure (haven't spoken to him in about a year)
6. Your favorite thing? watching my children's sports (oh...and reality TV)
7. Your dream last night? can't remember
8 Your favorite drink? water
9. Your dream/goal? size 6
10. The room you’re in? computer/office
11. Your hobby? computers/blogging
12. Your fear? being poor (as I was during a portion of my childhood)
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? New Mexico :-)
14. What you’re not? Type-A personality
15. Muffins? blueberry
16. One of your wish list items? Europe
17. Where you grew up? Los Angeles
18. The last thing you did? made (and froze) a week's worth of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for Brooke's lunches
19. What are you wearing? jeans/Gap t-shirt
20. Favorite gadget? lap top
21. Your pets? NONE :-)
22. Your computer? junky
23.Your mood? zen
24. Missing someone? Brian, Brent, and Elise
25.Your car? Honda Odyssey minivan
26. Something you’re not wearing? socks
27. Favorite store? Williams-Sonoma and Sephora
28. Like someone? of course
29. Your favorite color? green
30. When is the last time you laughed? during dinner tonight
31. Last time you cried? Sunday at church (when a young man spoke before leaving for his mission)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Greg Goes to Utah

Greg went to Utah to visit with Brian and Elise and to go to Provo to see Brent's apartment. They all went to dinner Friday night at the Chef's Table in Orem. Our niece Andrea and Pam's niece Whitney also went to dinner. No one took a camera so I don't have any pictures from that event :-(

Greg was lucky enough to go with Brent to the BYU vs. UCLA football game where BYU shut out their opponents 59-0.

Greg made waffles for Brent's roommates before church today (roomies Chris and Martin are sitting in their living room with Brent in a picture below). He also went to church with the guys this morning.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sephora GRAND OPENING in Albuquerque

Albuquerque FINALLY got their first Sephora store! Brooke and I LOVE that place so I told her she and I would go to their Grand Opening. We made our way across town to the Coronado Mall and ended up parking as FAR away as possible (not by choice, but because we had NO idea where the store would be in the mall). We were greeted with a HUGE line outside the entrance. We thought it was the line to get in, but it was actually the line to PURCHASE any products. The greeters told us that it would take about an hour to get up to the registers. I decided to let Brooke go into the store to pick out a few items while I waited in line--Good thing I had my iPod in my purse! Brooke then took my place in line while I went to look. While Brooke was shopping, she saw Averie and Roberta Hamilton (Averie loves makeup!).

I'm including a picture of our purchases. I also wanted to put a picture up of Brooke's eyes after trying a test version of an Eye Envy eye shadow strip. She didn't quite get it into the right place, but it is a fun idea. What you do is put the strip on your eyelid and rub it. You pull up the strip and are left with different shades of eye shadow. You are supposed to blend it but Brooke didn't blend hers in before I took the picture. She wanted to buy the zebra version of this eye shadow system but I nixed that one :-) Anyway...It was worth the trip! We loved it!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Brookie :-)

My sweet daughter finally turned 13! She is one of the youngest in her class as she skipped kindergarten going straight into 1st Grade at the age of 5 (about 1 week away from turning 6). She has a great group of friends! I took pictures of her with some of her friends during lunch when I took cupcakes to school. We went to Buca di Beppo that evening for a birthday dinner.

Here are a few things I LOVE about Brooke...

Beautiful inside and out.

Really smart and a hard worker.


Often expresses her gratitude.

Kind and friendly to everyone she meets.

Example to those around her.

A few pictures from her big day...

Just a few of her school friends.

"Princess Power!"

Nicole and Brooke enjoy their cupcakes.

Brooke and her BFF Candace.

The group at Buca di Beppo at the Pope's Table.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Brent's BYU Apartment

I went to Provo and helped Brent get settled into his apartment. We bought shelves, decorations, food, etc. Brent ended up with just two roommates (the apartment complex didn't fill their last bedroom). His roommates are Chris and Martin. Martin was gone most of the time I was there so I didn't get a picture of him. Pam's niece Whitney hung out with us one of the days. Here are some pictures of his apartment...

Brian and Elise's Bathroom

While in Utah, I was able to spend a little time with Brian and Elise. I had told them I wanted to help them decorate their bathroom as they didn't have much. Here's what Elise and I picked out: