Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving in Salt Lake City

We went to Salt Lake City for Thanksgiving to see Brian and Elise. We attended the Imperial Buffet at the Grand America Hotel. Our niece Andrea joined us. Mike and Timi drove up to Salt Lake that night and went to see "Christmas Carol" in 3D with us. The Pauling girls (Anna, Emma, and Bette) came to breakfast with us Friday morning. We had a great time seeing everyone!

All of us before hitting the buffet lines.

Greg, Andrea, and Brooke.

Brian and Elise.

Me and Greg.
Brooke and Andrea get some salad.

Elise at the meat carving station.

Brooke at the kids' buffet table. There was tons of candy, caramel apples, mac and cheese, chicken fingers, and other kid-friendly food items.


Brooke and her traditional jumping pose in the Grand America bathroom.

Timi and Brooke brought a piece of chicken quesadilla to Elise :-)

Brian and Mike.
We all went to see "A Christmas Carol" in 3D.

Emma, Anna, and Bette Pauling came to Salt Lake City to go to breakfast with us.