Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making Movies for the Chick Clique

The 70 invites have all been handed out! Everyone was excited about the wristbands which has increased hype for their party (see an earlier post below to see the invitations and wristbands). I've been working on filming movie shorts for each of the eight girls involved in the upcoming "WWBD" Party that will take place next Friday. We decided that these movies would be the best way to explain their theme. It's taking FOREVER to get these eight girls to be in the same place at the same time all made up and ready to film. The stress of trying to get this all organized is making me glad I never had a career in the movie business! I took pictures of six of the girls who were able to go film in Albuquerque Uptown (which is doubling as a poor man's New York for the purposes of filming Kelsey's movie). Here's a sneak peak from Kelsey's movie...
Kayleen, Brooke, Natalie, Harleigh (as the "dude"), Brianna, and Kelsey ready to film in Uptown. Kayleen and Natalie weren't in this movie but were there for moral support. Candace and Jenni had other obligations.

Brianna, Kelsey, and Brooke were the "three friends shopping."

Harleigh, aka "the Dude," tried to ruin their day of shopping :-)

Brooke and Kelsey "love" each other!

Brianna's mom Tasha met us for lunch after filming. It was her birthday!

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Missty said...

Looks like tons of fun for those girls! And I bet the movie will be awesome!!