Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve in Albuquerque (2008)

Another of our Christmas traditions is to eat Christmas Eve dinner in Old Town (Albuquerque). We started off going with Mike and Nancy Carlisle and Rick and Jeanne Davis and their families. After the Davis's moved, we started going with Dave and Misti Falco and Rich Myers. Now that our family is getting older, we go by ourselves. We usually eat Mexican food at Casa de Fiesta but were told that they had closed down so we went to the Restaurant Antiquity. After dinner, we (always) take a quick look around Old Town's plaza and view the luminarias and other Christmas goings on.

After our trip to Old Town this year, Sean and Jackie Walker invited us over to their house. We started off playing the chimes and were a sad group until we all started focusing :-) We then moved on to the "Yankee Swap/White Elephant" exchange. I had "stolen" the mints from Elise (not knowing that there was a $10 bill taped to the front). I ended up giving her the money at the end of the game and shared the mints with everyone. Greg "won" a fancy Bratz lamp (don't ask me why he wanted to make a MySpace "kissy face" pose). Greg and Sean ended up Karoaking by themselves while the rest of us chatted. I couldn't resist catching Greg and Sean singing as it was making Brooke, Lauren, and I laugh.

We opened up our presents afterwards so Elise and Brian could spend time with the Walkers Christmas morning. We had a very enjoyable evening!
Outside Restaurant Antiquity.

Brooke, Elise, and Brian in the restaurant.

Greg, Cheryl, and Brent.

In front of the Old Town Restaurant we usually eat at (which ended up NOT being closed down).

Admiring the luminarias in Old Town and listening to Christmas Carolers.

Name That Tune...

Elise with the mints (and cash) before I took them from her.

Cami gets the PedEgg :-)


Lauren and Brent at the Walker's house. (NOTE: They had fooled a lot of kids at Cibola into thinking they were brother and sister).

Cami, Aubrey, Elise, and Lauren model their matching Christmas PJs.

Brooke with the Barbie earrings I bought her for Christmas.

A pedal for Brent's electric guitar.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Caroling to the Seniors :-)

Every year as long as I can remember, we've gone Christmas Caroling with Jeff and Julie Dahl and the Hobbs families on the Monday night before Christmas. We always sing to senior citizens at an assisted living center. After we finish caroling, we go to the Dahl's house and eat together. The Steffensen family has joined us the past few years. This is probably my most favorite tradition of the holiday season!
Brooke, Mason Steffensen, and Candace Burton get ready to sing.

Quinn, Meggan, Allyson, and Shelby Steffensen.

Here we are singing to the first group of seniors :-)

Candace and Brooke with Julie Dahl.

Brent, Lindsey Thurgood, Candace, Brooke, and Greg after caroling to the Dahl's neighbors.

Spencer Dahl, Candace, Mason, and Brooke get some grub.

The rest of the group enjoying food and socializing.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here's a Video of My House Today.

This is how my house looked today. AHHHhhhhhhhhh! (You may click on the YouTube logo and select "watch in high quality" for a better version of the video).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Christmas is 9 days away. Brent comes home Thursday evening. Brian and Elise come home Monday and our house is a wreck! I (luckily) convinced Greg to get a small Christmas tree this year and put it on the tile so we could scoot it around. I also didn't put up many decorations because I knew I'd have to move them. The nativity is up, the advent calendar, and the stockings but not much else. The painters are spraying the stairs today and working on the fireplace. I think they will then move on to the ceilings which will soon be white as opposed to beige. I am keeping the house in the beige tones as I don't want to have to redo all the decorating; it will be a darker and less pink beige though. We've decided that this is a good time to get the work done as people in the industry don't have many jobs right now. I hope my college kids don't hate me :-(
Click on the pictures for larger versions of the carnage

View of our Family Room.

View of the Living Room.

Our displaced Christmas Tree.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Be Merry!

"A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance."
--Proverbs 15:13

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Brooke's LAST Basketball Banquet

We held the LBJ Girls Basketball Banquet at a local Olive Garden Restaurant. As one of the team moms (Candace's Mom, Bernice, was the other team mom), I was in charge of organizing the banquet. I bought teal, black, and silver balloons tied to black star balloon weights. We sprinkled the tables with black and sliver star confetti and chocolate basketballs. I put Brooke in charge of writing each of the player's and coach's names on a soft squishy basketball and used those as place cards. I had made up a photo roster for parents at the beginning of the season and had that duplicated on the cake.

The girls get along so well and had a wonderful time! We are thankful to Coaches Isaac and Jerome for their time and dedication to our girls. OH...and...The girls ended their season 10-0! Is was a little sad for Brooke as she pretty much decided to give up basketball when she goes to high school next year so she can concentrate on volleyball and track. Here are some pictures from the event...

Brooke and Candace helped Bernice and I set up before the rest of the players arrived.

The girls at Brooke's table.

The rest of the players at their table.

Celise, Brittany, and Brooke (back row); Candace and Laneah (front) pose with the cake.

Candace, Coach Isaac, Coach Jerome, and Brooke.

One last team picture :-)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Last Day in SLC

To start our last day I got to watch Brent roll up into all of the bedding and then watch Brooke kick him while laughing...This is pretty much how each of our days started (LOL). We were able to get a little shopping in at Fashion Place Mall and The Gateway Mall. We then met up for one last meal at Faustina.

We had a great time with our family and are glad we were able to travel to Salt Lake City to visit them :-)
Every morning Brent would take all the blankets/sheets and Brooke would kick him.

The group at Faustina.

Elise and Brian with their yummy food.

Lindsey and Brent.

We ended our meal with desserts including a Blueberry soufflé with honey lavender sauce.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 3 in Provo and SLC

Greg set up an appointment for me to drive his "dream car"--a Jaguar. I must admit it was a nice ride. After our test drive, we took Brent and Brooke down to Provo so Brooke could see Brent's apartment. We met up with an old friend who moved away from Albuquerque, Tanna Gledhill, and my best friend who was also in Utah for the weekend (Jeni Payne). I can't believe I didn't take a picture(????). We also picked up our nephew Mike and his fiance Timi to hang out with us. Brooke got to see Brent's apartment. We also went to meet his roommate Chris who was at work. We walked around the BYU campus and bought a few things from the BYU Bookstore. We then went back to SLC to take Brian and Elise out for dinner :-)

We started off our day test driving a Jaguar.

We hung out with Mike and his fiancee Timi in Provo.

Brooke wanted to take my picture in front of this sign since I had worked at the Cougareat my freshman and sophomore years of college.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

No Cooking or Cleaning for Us Today :-)

Thanksgiving meal at our hotel--The Grand America. There were the traditional trimmings (stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, various vegetables, etc.). There was also turkey, prime rib, crab, shrimp, etc. The children were treated to their own special table with kid-friendly food items (chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, candy, Rice Krispie treats, etc.).

The dessert area was CRAZY. There was a crepe station, chocolate fountain with fruit, and dozens of different mini desserts. There was even a "cheese" a
rea (yep...Brooke had to get some cheese). Brian and Elise said it was the best Thanksgiving meal ever due to the many choices available. The best part...No cooking and no cleaning!

Greg pretty much hit the dessert table first.

Like father, like daughter.

Elise and Brian in front of the turkey ice sculpture :-)

There was a kids' area with chicken fingers, mac-n-cheese, candy, etc.

Oh...And there were a few veggies near the candy LOL.

Turkey, prime rib, and mashed potatoes...What else do you need?

Amongst the many desserts, chocolate fountain, and crepes were mini pumpkin pies.

Greg made us go into the bathroom (which was way cool). Brooke wanted to jump in the middle of the sink area :-)

Cheryl at the table with the kids.

Greg with the kids.

Brent and Brooke after their delicious meal.

In the hotel lobby on our way back up to our room.