Monday, July 11, 2016

More FUN Disney Character Photos Using Our Simple Trick—CRUISE SHIP Edition

We just returned from a 12-day cruise on the Disney Magic where we had the opportunity to take more FUN Disney Character Photos using Brooke's "trick" of taking a traditional pose and then asking characters for their favorite pose to get more unique photos. 

Let's get started! 

We have rarely seen Jiminy Cricket in the parks so we made sure to get our picture with him. Here are two pictures we took with Jiminy Cricket. The first one was a normal photo. :

This next photo was what Jiminy came up with when we asked him for his favorite pose:

Pinocchio was also on the ship. Brooke actually staged a "puppet" pose when she got an individual picture:

We took a Magic Shot picture at EPCOT a few years ago where Stitch exploded through the concrete while we pointed at him. We always joke about that photo so when I saw that we could get a picture with Stitch, I asked if we could recreate that photo. This is how that one turned out: 

NOTE: Stitch was doing lots of crazy things during his meet and greet. Be open to coming up with a creative photo when you get the chance.

We have gotten many pictures with Minnie over the years, but couldn't resist getting pictures with her throughout the cruise because of her various outfit changes that you typically don't see in the theme parks. Here is one of her favorite poses:

This was the first Disney Cruise I have been on where Marvel characters were scheduled for photo opps. Captain America, Thor, and Spiderman were on our sailing. Here we are saluting the addition of these super heroes with Captain America:

Brent didn't hear the "fold your arms and look confident" pose instruction from Merida lol. It's still a fun photo:

But even better was Merida's individual picture with Brooke where they are both "shooting for their own hands..."

We were on a Norway/Iceland Fjords Cruise that had a "Freeze the Night" party in place of "Pirate Night." This meant that Anna and Elsa were scheduled for photos one of the days of our cruise. We decided to Disneybound like our favorite Frozen characters...I was Anna and Brooke was Elsa. Anna and Elsa suggested a girls pic and helped us pose like them while holding our hands. Here is that picture:

We asked for one more fun pose with Brent (who was supposed to be Kristoff but refused to wear the gray beanie and burgundy belt we got him lol). Oh well...We still got a unique picture doing the Sven: 

We hope you get inspired to take more creative photos on your next Disney Cruise after seeing what we were able to do. We would love to see what YOU came up with so leave us a comment below with links to your FUN Disney photos.