Saturday, December 22, 2012

Life is BIGGER Than a Christmas Card :)

Brooke took it upon herself to design our 2012 Christmas card. While trying to come up with something more creative than our typical card, she came across a picture I took during Thanksgiving of Brooke with her brothers Brian and Brent. 

I randomly started taking pictures of my children in a "certain pose" because of something our eldest son Brian said a few years ago. Here's the story...

We often go to movies and sometimes need to convince Brian that it won't be the type of movie that is promoted with one of those movie posters of characters standing back-to-back with a WHITE background. One character usually looks annoyed or inept; the other a smile or smirk.

Some examples:


Brooke did a really good job making our Christmas Card in a movie poster format. She added Greg and I as Siskel and Ebert giving our thumbs up. So here it is...our 2012 Christmas card.

While looking for examples of movie posters, I found a funny article that expresses pretty much what Brian has been telling us for years:

5 Types of Romantic Comedy Movie Posters

I think you were on to something Brian :)

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