"Rolling in the Dough" Gift Idea

My husband wanted me to come up with an idea on how to present Christmas gift money to his staff members (13 of them) and wanted a theme. He had already ordered a plate of homemade cinnamon rolls for each person so I thought...How about we get a bunch of rolling pins and tape money to them and make a tag that said:

"We hope this Christmas finds you ROLLING IN THE DOUGH."

Here is how we put the rolling pins together...

I enlisted help from my daughter Brooke and two family friends--Mason and Quinn.

Quinn and Brooke "showing me the money."

One $20 bill couldn't go completely around the rolling pin so I staggered the money like so (you could use $1 or $5 bills if you want to give less money).

It's important to tape money to money to it's easier to remove. Taping money to the rolling pin was hard to take off and caused the money to tear easily.

We placed five rows of money up and down the rolling pin with a tiny bit of overlap. You can put your money stacks down in front of the rolling pin to get an idea of how much overlap you will need. You can do this by yourself but it is much easier with two people.

After arranging the money on the rolling pin, I wrapped it in clear cellophane and tied each side with a ribbon.

I had Brooke make up a tag to tie on the other side. I used a larger than standard hole punch due to the thickness of my ribbon.

Brooke with the finished product :)

Amy and Kayla with their cinnamon rolls and rolling pins.

Danette, Angel, and Katrina (yes, Katrina was excited about the cash lol).

Mason and Quinn's parents, Allyson and David with Allyson's gifts.

Katrina one more time with Connie, Lynnette, and Darlene :)

Janice, Jessica, and Chelsea.


Tammy said…
What a GREAT idea!!!