Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Iron Chef Competition--Beehive Class

The priests from the Taylor Ranch Ward organized a youth activity based on the Iron Chef. The activity was meant to inspire the youth to be able to take a set group of ingredients and make something delicious out of them.

Each group had 1 hour to come up with something, cook it, and plate it. Groups could only use the following ingredients: flour, oil, salt/pepper, sugar, baking soda, milk, water, lettuce, cereal, eggs, Ramen noodles, cheddar cheese, baking cocoa, oatmeal, lemon, apple, banana, bread, Ranch dressing, cinnamon, margarine/butter, and one wild card ingredient (my group chose mini chocolate chips).

The Beehive class decided to make what they dubbed the "Beehive Pancake Trio." They made up some pancake batter from scratch and made three different pancakes. They made a plain pancake topped with bananas foster, an oatmeal pancake topped with cooked cinnamon apple slices, and a chocolate pancake topped with mini chocolate chips. Judging was based on 4 criteria: 20 points for taste; 15 points for creativity; 10 points for use of ingredients (using as many as possible); and 5 points for presentation. The rules were to create a food dish out of the ingredients. The girls used every ingredient except the ones pictured below in their one dish. Some of the groups made more than one dish out of their ingredients (which technically was against the rules but c'est la vie). Everyone had a great time! Here are some pictures:

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missty said...

What a fun idea. I need to pass this idea on to a good friend of mine.