Monday, May 4, 2009

While the Boys Are Away...The Girls Will Play!

While Greg and Brent are off having fun in Boston, Brooke planned a day with the girls that included us going to see "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past." Harleigh's mom Brandy also came to the movies with us.

The movie was followed by dinner and sleepover/end-of-the-school year party planning session with fellow members of the Chick Clique (see explanation of their group name below).

One side note...While taking Harleigh home to get clothes to wear for dinner, I was pulled over for doing a "California stop" on an out-of-the-way neighborhood street laden with like 5 stop signs in a row (and NOOOO traffic whatsoever EVER). The officer gave me a warning because I told her the truth when she asked if I knew why I was pulled over...WHEW!

Brianna couldn't go with us to the movie or dinner as she had high school cheerleading try outs (she made the JV squad as an incoming freshman!!) Bri joined her friends after dinner and stayed the night. Jenni had strep throat and Kayleen had two appointments so there were five of the eight girls for dinner and six for the sleepover.

I took pictures at dinner for the girls...
I got the girls together for a picture right before the Rancher Club waiters pulled the covers off their plates: Candace, Harleigh, Kelsey, Brooke, and Natalie.

Kelsey and Candace ordered the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake.

Brooke and Harleigh ordered the Bananas Foster prepared table side...

...Served "Jorgensen style" with the ice cream separate from the Bananas Foster sauce so the ice cream doesn't melt :-)

Natalie enjoyed her creme brulee!

Okay...Now for the origin of the name of Brooke's group of friends. I guess there are those at school who like grouping kids that hang out together by giving them a group name.

The kids who like classifying others into groups are the more studious students (aka: The Nerd Herd). Brooke's group of girl friends have been dubbed: The Preps, The Barbies, and The Chick Clique. As opposed to being offended, they decided to embrace what was meant to be a put down. The interesting thing about their group is that they are not "mean girls." The nerdy girls are actually the mean girls at their school.

Brooke created the logo for their group and made shirts for them all to wear to school on a recent dress down day:

Members of the "Chick Clique" are Brianna, Jenni, Harleigh, Kelsey, Brooke (voted "most athletic"), Natalie (voted "best smile"), Kayleen (voted "friendliest"), and Candace (voted "class clown").

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