Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LBJ Spirit Week--Dress Up

As LBJ's Student Body President, Brooke has been working on increasing school spirit. Best friend Candace, 8th Grade Class President, has also been helping Brooke with this goal. Brooke got Mrs. Johnson (LBJ's Principal) to agree on a Spirit Week of Dress Down Days.

I decided to take a picture each morning of Brooke and Candace in their spirit week outfits (I will add a new picture each day...Nerd Day is tomorrow!). You can click on the pictures to see them larger.

...The rest of Spirit Dress Down Days was cancelled due to some of the students not sticking to the rules. The kids are so upset that they don't get to dress nerdy tomorrow LOL :
Wednesday--Celebrity Day
Candace as Olympic Volleyball Player Misty May Treanor; Brooke as Britney Spears with baby Jaden James and a pair of hair clippers (before Brit went psycho).

Tuesday--Hawaiian Day
LOL...You knew they HAD to have Hawaiian Day! Shaka! (hang loose).

Monday--Decades Day
Candace went as an 80s aerobics instructor; Brooke a
Pink Lady" from the 50s.


Missty said...

Way cute idea. And way cute girls!!

Kim said...

its gonna be weird seeing brooke.. she wears makeup and heels!!

shelbell said...

Cool! Stuff like that can be so fun!

Erin Edwards said...

Parker was upset that they didn't clarify that it wasn't dress down days if you didn't dress up. I think the teachers needed to make sure the kids understood. But, way to go Brooke for tyring to get Spirit Week dress up week.

NYCmom said...

Very cute! We had spirit week days like that but my costumes never looked that cute...though I did do a really great 70's outfit one time as I found an AUTHENTIC double-knit polyester suit thing in mom's closet! Again's not like I really looked cute in it! :)