Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brooke's Last Day of Middle School EVER

I got a picture of Brooke and Candace before they left for their last day of middle school. I later took Brooke some pens for yearbook signing on her last day, and my last day, at LBJ Middle School. While there, I got a picture of Brooke and Candace's handprints on the wall. I saw many of the staff members that I have been so close to over the years and kept having to hold back the tears each time I ran into another person...

Principal Marcie Johnson has been there the whole time I've had children at the school. I remember Brian having to hound her for her "Principal's Message" every month for the school newsletter. She let Brent off of Lunch Detention one time because she knew he was a good kid (she had him write up a paper telling her what he did to get into trouble--LOL). Brooke was 3 or 4 years old when I first started dragging her to the school. Marcie always talked about how she looked forward to Brooke being a student at LBJ some day. Brooke ended up being the Student Body President which meant that she would work with Marcie very closely throughout this whole past year. Marcie helped her out when an unreasonable teacher gave Brooke a referral (her very first ever) for wearing a hat on a spirit dress down day (that's all I will say about that). She even made up a special plaque for Brooke and her other Student Council members because she thought they were one of the best groups ever. I consider Marcie one of my dearest friends and I will miss working as a parent volunteer at LBJ.

Roz Deasy (Assistant Principal)--I'll never forget my first meeting with Roz. The top of his Lunchable had fallen when he went to throw his trash away...The janitors found the trash on the floor and asked whose it was and someone said it was Brian's. They had to find Brian (who went to the library/media center during lunch) and proceeded to give him lunch detention for that piece of trash on the ground. I was incensed that he got lunch detention (my innocent little boy) and marched on over to the school for answers. I was almost in tears as none of my children ever got into trouble LOL. I remember her words as if it was yesterday..."Mrs. Jorgensen...Everyone pretty much gets lunch detention. It's not a big deal...we just are overly picky to make sure the campus stays clean." LOL.

Gary Baudino (Technology Coordinator)--let Brian be his student aid for technology and Gary and I have worked on projects together over the years. He got me to start the LBJ e-mail list for parents which led me to starting lists for lots of other schools; Sharon Perlman (Dean of Students); Peggy Friend and Linda Rothfuss (Administrative Secretaries); Wanda Hill (the Enforcer and one of Brent's basketball coaches); Laurie Weiss (Honors English Teacher)--My boys give her 100% credit for them acing high school freshman English; Sandy Warfield (PE Teacher)--Love her! I wear my Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume just for her :-) ; Miss Pareesa (Brooke's 6th Grade Math Teacher); Betsy Pena (Brooke's 8th Grade Math Teacher); Gina Arsenault (Librarian)--Really helpful and a good friend the past two years. I didn't happen to run across Barb (Miss Andy) Anderson (Student Council Advisor, Volleyball, and Track Coach) but she has been a HUGE part of my children's lives.

Here are the pictures from today...
Brooke and Candace before their last day of middle school.

Brooke and Candace put their handprints next to each other.

Brooke and Candace at Cliff's Amusement Park.

Brooke and Natalie wait to ride the "Sidewinder."

Brooke and friend Josh.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect you are still sniffling over there! They just grow up so darn fast and often that last day of school is much worse for the parent. It sounds like you had a fabulous relationship with your middle school - how lucky you are! I am sure high school will be no different. . .love the handprints!