Wednesday, November 5, 2008

LBJ Girls Basketball--Go Brookie!

As team mom for the LBJ Girls Basketball Team, I was able to design a T-shirt and warm ups for the girls (I convinced Greg to sponsor the T-shirts to save the girls a little money). Here is Brooke modeling her outfit on game day. The team plays John Adams today at LBJ. The girls' game begins at 4 PM. The boys play immediately after. The girls and boys teams are both 3-0 (all of the games have been blow outs so far). We are hoping they keep their perfect record after playing what is usually a very physical game against John Adams. Brooke is a starting guard. She's hit a three point shot in 2 of the 3 games and plays great defense. If you want to see her play, you should show up a little before 4 PM.

Go Coyotes!

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Connie A. Jorgensen said...

These are so cool!!!

Congrats on all you successes Brooke! Keep up those 3 pointers!
Cheryl, thanks for your comments on our posts. I "finally" after all these years have posted on my own....thanks for helping me, and for your inspiration. Love you guys!!
Loved the Homer pumpkin!!