Sunday, November 2, 2008

Brooke's Volleyball Banquet

Brooke went to her last middle school Volleyball Banquet on October 21st. She was awarded one of the five trophies given out to members of her team--the award for Best Team Player. The girls barely lost to Desert Ridge in the middle school tournament by 2 points in the tie break game. Desert Ridge ended up winning the tournament. Desert Ridge and Grant (2nd place) both had boys on their teams--Brooke's team was made up of just girls. Here are some pictures from the banquet at Village Pizza.

Most of the LBJ 8th Grade Volleyball Team at Village Pizza.

Brooke got the award for Best Team Player.

The girls love their Coaches! Here they are with Mr. Jaecks (Miss Andy not shown).

Briana, Candace, Natalie Harleigh, Parker in back; Brooke, Reuben, and Felisha in front.

Candace and Brooke in their traditional pose outside of Village Pizza.


PamJorg said...

k,these are getting harder...

Congrats President Spiking Dribbling Best Team Player Speed Racer

I should stop now...

Cheryl J. said...

LOL...Brooke loves your comments :-) She says "Pam is so cool!"