Thursday, September 24, 2009

Superhero/Villain Day for Homecoming Week

Brooke liked this shirt she got a few weeks ago with a broken heart so we decided that she would be a villainess for Superhero/Villain Day named: The Heartbreaker.

Here's the story behind her villainess...

Brooke Jorgensen has been unlucky at love despite trying to be the best girlfriend she can be. Her one true love broke up with her in a jealous rage despite her being true and faithful. She decides that she is tired of being "nice" and thinks that if she cannot have her one true love, no one else should be able to have a true love...and that is why she is now known as "The Heartbreaker."
Here's the front of her costume.

Here's the back of her cape. Special thanks to Cindy Webb for sewing the cape :-)


Kim said...

fun boots!!!

shelbell said...

Sassy costume! I can't wait to see what she's being for Halloween:)

Missty said...

LOVE the costume!! Great idea!!