Sunday, June 7, 2009

San Francisco--June 4-7, 2009

We took our family to San Francisco for a few days for Brent's last family trip as he is going on a church mission for 2 years. We stayed on Union Square in the Westin St. Francis Hotel. We ate at Michael Mina's, Morton's, Boudin's Bistro, and Scala's Bistro. We also got to do some fun shopping the first 2 days we were there.

We were able to spend one of the days with the Marcum family on June 6th. They headed down to meet us in San Francisco. We hung out on Fisherman's Wharf and ate lunch at the Boudin's Bistro. After lunch, we hopped on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to watch the Oakland A's vs. the Baltimore Orioles. The A's KILLED the Orioles but I can't remember the final score. There was a FREE Jordin Sparks concert immediately following the baseball game. I've got some funny video of our group during the concert :-)

We had a great time in one of our family's most favorite cities in the United States!
First thing we did when we got to San Francisco was to head over to Boudin's for some sourdough bread!

Brent outside of Boudin's in Union Square.

Brooke and McKenna get a scare from the Fisherman's Wharf bush man.

This guy was hilarious! He sets up near Ghirardelli Square and sings for his money.

Mitch Marcum, Brooke, McKenna Marcum, and Brent in front. Kelly Marcum, Brian, Elise, Cheryl, Jolynn and Greg in the back at Ghirardelli Square.

We rode BART to the Oakland A's Baseball Game.

Jolynn and I were not sure why Greg didn't sit by Kelly on BART before a nice young lady did.

Kelly and Brent before the Oakland A's played the Baltimore Orioles.

McKenna, Mitch, and friend Eric.
It was a nice day for a baseball game.

Brooke enjoyed a churro.

Greg, Kelly, and Brent.

Brent, Brooke, Me, Jolynn, and McKenna.

Greg talked to a guy in front of him most of the game (Kelly looks really interested in what they are saying).

American Idol Season 6 winner, Jordin Sparks performed a free concert after the baseball game.

Jordin's stage.

Kelly made an effort to enjoy the concert by goofing around LOL. Check out the short video from the Jordin Sparks concert.

This is for you Brookie!

Brent with the groovy hat he got (filled with popcorn) at the game.

One of the last things we did was get some bread from Boudin's. We encountered a pleasant man with the most hilarious voice.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you'all had a great time in San Fran! My husband has always wanted to take me there, but we haven't made it yet. The bread alone looks well worth the trip!

I am glad your family was able to have this time together before your son's mission. Your summer seems to be off to a fabulous start! michele : )

Missty said...

Fun Time! We LOVE Boudins!! Yummy! They also have a small bakery at California Adventure. Have you ordered online from them? great stuff! I get the breadbowls with clam chowder. Then I have gotten the bread with I think 3 spreads! oh my!! So good!!