Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brent Enters the Missionary Training Center

TODAY was the day...By the way, I thought everyone pretty much heard about the new drop-off procedure at the MTC due to a mini swine flu outbreak. I've typed up a post with info from a letter we received from the Missionary Department. Click HERE to read that letter describing the new policy.
Brent wanted to eat at Cafe Rio for his last meal before entering the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC).

Brent took his last personal cell phone call (from Ashley Pattin).

We had parked across the street and walked to the sign to take a picture before checking Brent in.

We walked back to our car and that's when...

Brent willingly "surrendered" his cell phone for two years.

I asked for one last picture of Brooke and Brent together in the car and it took four times to get these two to stop messing around...

Much better :-)

Due to the new drop-off procedure, we were greeted by groups of waving missionaries OUTSIDE.

There were signs with numbers for cars to pull up next to.

Brooke checks Brent in.

One of the elders helped Brent with his luggage.

One last picture with Dad.

One last picture with Brooke.

And one last picture with Mom.

We love you Elder Jorgensen and know you will be a fabulous missionary!


NYCmom said...

Wait, wait, more missionaries out one door...parents out the other??? How did that happen? I wish I could've been the last cell phone call. I'll just have to be one of the first letters! Why don't you post his address on here so we can write...or email. Don't they get to email these days? Anyway, we'll miss Brenty-poo!!! (Cheryl--you're looking tre skinny!)

Cheryl J. said...

Nope...The policy has changed due to the "Swine Flu." They had been trying to get rid of the dropping off program before the swine flu thing hit from what I've heard and this situation helped expedite it. It wasn't too bad. It probably was actually better to not drag it on so everyone is all crying and emotional.

BTW...Thanks for the skinny comment but I'm at least 20 lbs. away from deserving your compliments LOL.