Friday, April 3, 2009

Brent's Mission Call...

Here the letter sits...waiting to be opened. Where will Brent be called to serve his mission? Pittsburgh? Austrailia? Ukraine (with Landon Hill)? Delaware?

I put in my guesses as either New York (somewhere east coast) or Spain (that's where Greg served). Brian is guessing California or Brazil. Jenny (Jorgensen Skousen) also guessed New York and Guatemala. Pam Jorgensen guessed North Dakota and Canada (I could see Canada Pam!). Brooke said Washington but I can't remember what country.

All of the guessing and waiting will be over at 3 PM MST today...

If you want to view LIVE online, go to type this exactly:


(do not add spaces or capitalize any of the letters).

Click the magnifying glass to search for Brent.

Under "Status" click on the orange camera. A camera should show up so you can watch Brent as he reads the letter :-) We'll go on at 2:45 PM so you can test.

(We are actually on now if you want to test it!)


Missty said...

Ok, I'll guess. Midwest state, like Indiana, and country I say, hhmm European - maybe England or Scotland.

Can't wait to read where he will go! Exciting day!!

Post right away!


How exciting! Stateside, I say Virginia Charleston Mission. Overseas, I say Italy or Spain.

I won't be able to watch, but I'm excited to read when you post where it actually is! YAY for Brent and the people he will serve!

Robyn said...

I wasn't able to get on yesterday when he opened it, so where's he going?! We're so excited for him!