Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hawaii--The LOST Day With the Crimi's-Day 2

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I had forgotten the power cord to my laptop--where pictures from our second day in Honolulu were "trapped" on a dead computer--until I arrived home in Albuquerque. These were fun pictures of our time spent with Brooke's 6th Grade Gifted Language Arts/Literature teacher, Charley Crimi, who was also in Honolulu with her husband John. they are...Hawaii--Day 2...
The girls discovered the Honolulu Cookie Company and had to buy at least one cookie every day. I bought them the shirts so they could remember their favorite cookie (macadamia nut shortbread dipped in milk chocolate) :-)

We met up with John and Charley Crimi for dinner at Shore Bird.

Enjoying time on the beach while waiting for our table.

Brooke on the beach at sunset.

Candace (with Brooke in the background).

Brooke and I :-)

The girls HAD to do their jumping poses on the beach!

You get to grill your own meat/seafood at the Shore Bird Restaurant; John was nice enough to cook for all of us!

"Kiss the Cook" Charley!


shelbell said...

We ate at the Shorebird when we were there on our honeymoon! Great location. And I love the girl's t-shirts!

Shelly Carter said...

it looks like you had a blast on your trip who is the other girl who went with you?
p.s. my son Blake just started to go back to church after 3 years I made shur he new we loved him with or without church in his life I think you are right to pick your battles
it was funny to me how uptight people are about a swim suite

Cheryl J. said...

Shelly...The other girl is Brooke's best friend Candace. Candace goes on trips with our family and Brooke goes on trips with their family (they get double the vacations!). I'm so glad that Blake is going back to church...that is great! Thanks for your support!

To Michelle...How fun that you knew about the restaurant I talked about in this post! We will have to chat about our trips to Hawaii!!