Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For Michele Marie

Hello Michele :-)

I haven't been ignoring your requests to see Brooke's Audrey Hepburn inspired (Breakfast at Tiffany's) room...It's just been taking soooo long to get her furniture. It was supposed to be delivered today but has been postponed until tomorrow.

Anyway, I had purchased artwork for her room (44" x 20"--it is long and skinny and would look nice over a bed or above a dresser) and the first matting they sent on that framed poster, was too cream colored for Brooke's room (it is double matted, white and black). It has non-glare acrylic glazing too. I paid to send the poster back and they sent it right back to me exactly how it originally came. To make a long story short, I finally received one with a brighter white mat and the company let me keep the wrong one (since I wasted money sending it back one time already). Now my offer...

As your daughter also loves Audrey, I am willing to give you the ($183) framed print for her bedroom FREE of charge. You can choose to get a whiter mat (or another color) made if you choose. We just need to figure out how to get it to you. I still have the original box it was shipped in if we want to go this route. I would rather give it to you than sell in on ebay :-)

Here's the link to it on art.com (I hope the link works without needing my art.com password):


Here is what it looks like (it's still wrapped in plastic)...

Let me know :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh Cheryl - I would love this picture for Calgary's bedroom! But you must accept at least $100.00 from me - that is way too generous of you! I will also pay for shipping (we can probably do this via Paypal if you have an account). Calgary's bday is on April 10th and if you can manage it, I would love to have it to give to her. Please let me know if this works for you. I have to run to the doctor, so I will check back with you this afternoon. You are just so darn sweet to think of me! And, yes, I wish I were there to have lunch with you my friend. michele : )

Cheryl J. said...

Let's do it...but seriously Michele..Just pay the shipping because you may decide you want to add a different mat. The only amount I was out was about $30 or $40 shipping (when I sent it back to them).

And since we are such great friends now, I would like to do this for you and Calgary :-) You can e-mail me with your address so you don't have to post it here:


I do have a paypal account under that e-mail address. I am getting my hair cut tomorrow but will take it to mail at the UPS store or wherever. I wouldn't think it would take long to get to AZ. You tell me how you want it shipped!