Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interesting Day at the Beach

Brooke and I on our balcony before heading down to the beach.

The girls said the water was a bit cold.

Boogie boarding.

The police officer who interviewed us also talked to the people next to us.

The guy smiling was a random witness who was willing to go with the guy to the police station--the first time.

Below is video of the guy (who got punched) coming back to start something up again. He kept yelling at all of us sitting in the vicinity of the fight as he was wanting us to step up and do something (the blonde guy told him to "leave and not start up the fight again" but the guy, who got punched about an hour and a half earlier, just kept yelling. The blonde guy then allegedly spit on the guy which is why he was freaking out). I felt like I was on the ABC show: "What Would You Do?" I would obviously give a report to the police, but there is no way I would run over and get involved when there were at least 6 Polynesian guys who were already quite angry.

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NYCmom said...

Wow. The beach is beautiful though. :) I'm glad you gals are having a good time! Wish I could be there!! xoxo