Friday, March 6, 2009

Brent...the Ice Hockey Player????

This is funny so I thought I should blog about it...

It appears that Brent needed activities to fill his time while up at BYU, so his roommate, Kyle Clegg, convinced he and their other roommate Martin Michalek to play on Kyle's ice hockey team. Their team name is: The Tuques. The only problem...Brent had never played ice hockey in his life! He hardly ever ice skated growing up either :-) According to Kyle, "Brent's a gifted athlete and picked up hockey really well."

As of this week the Tuques are in first place by two games. They have three games to go and then the play offs. And in case you are wondering...Brent has actually scored several goals LOL.

Roommates and Teammates: Brent, Kyle Clegg, and Martin Michalek.

Scoreboard from their latest victory.


Ingelheim Five said...

How funny. But no surprise right? He's a kid that likes to get his exercise. I remember the day we saw him jogging around the Marriot Center. Good guy.

NYCmom said...

Hahahaha...of course! That's fun. Is this an intramural thing or what. Way to go Brent!!!


W-OW! That's pretty cool!