Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good Luck on your Mission Terrance!

Above is a picture that ran in the Albuquerque Tribune of Brent (#1) helping his injured buddy, Terrance Motley (#73), up the stairs after half time during a Cibola Football Game (2006).

Terrance and Brent at their Eagle Court of Honor (October 7, 2005).

These pictures exemplify their relationship over the years. Terrance is getting ready to serve a mission in Italy and Brent has come home for Terrance's missionary farewell. We will miss Terrance but know he is doing the right thing by serving his Heavenly Father.

We love you T.!


Anonymous said...

Wow. . .Italy! He must have been extra good to receive that calling! Best of luck to Terrance.

Cheryl, I've missed you in blogger land. Please tell me your house did not end up engulfing you in the chaos! I say this because we, starting the 22nd, are about to begin on a hired-out,ten-day paint job of the entire interior (ceilings, walls & baseboards included) in hopes of sprucing things up for sale in March. I need your reassurance that it will be ok. It will be ok.

Our lives seem to parallel in so many ways right now. Every time we come up with another detail on Caly's "Audrey Hepburn/Tiffany's" room, I think of you and your daughter doing the same. What color did you end up going with in Brooke's room? I think we are going to take the Tiffany's box into Home Depot and have it matched. (But we have time, this is for our new house that we don't even have yet.)

Please post pictures of your completed rooms when you have a chance. I'd love to see how everything came out - plus it would give me hope! It will be OK!!!

Anyway, just wanted to check in with you to make sure you and your family are well in Albuquerque. I miss seeing your posts!

Fondly, michele : )

Cheryl J. said...

Hi Michele :-)

I haven't meant to ignore the blog lately but have been busy with other things. I haven't posted more pictures yet because the decorating phase of fixing our house up has been slightly stalled.

Brooke's room is the blue (we took a Tiffany's box in to have it matched). I ordered an Audrey Hepburn print, but the matting was too "cream" so I had to send it back to be redone. I'm still waiting of Brooke's "black" furniture to arrive it is kind of a blah room right now.

We got a beige couch in our family room but everything is really BEIGE-Y (we still need black tables, and black and green accessories/window coverings).

We had to have the top of our kitchen table redone and have been without our table for several weeks now (while it supposedly "cures").

I am relieved to have painters out of my house but still have SOOO much to do so it will look nice.

I'm sure your painting will go great! Especially since it's only for 10 days! Keep me posted. I promise I'll put pics up when the house looks presentable :-)