Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Day at Dr. J.'s

Andrea came to Albuquerque so Greg could put her braces on. Brooke also got her braces adjusted. Brent helped out by taking her wire out while Greg and Katrina worked on Andrea. Brent also made himself a mouthguard (for ice hockey). I'm including pictures and two short videos:
Greg putting braces on Andrea.

Brent took Brooke's wire out so Greg could do her adjustment.

Dr. J., future Dr. J. and Brooke during her adjustment.

Katrina put the finishing touches on Andrea.

Awwwwwwwwww! Wire Girl!

Brooke got wire ties too!

Still smiling!

Cousins :-)

Well, it started out as a Facebook picture but went awry.

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Connie Jorgensen said...

Wow! Thank you for taking pics and video Cheryl! It was so neat for all of us to get a glimpse of the process in action. Thank you Greg and Katrina for working on a Saturday!

Andrea had such a great time with all of you!! Thank you for being so good to Andrea during her stay in your home. Lots of Love,