Saturday, February 14, 2009

Student Body President, Brooke, Goes to State :-)

Brooke and six other LBJ Middle School Students got to attend the New Mexico State Student Council Meeting this past February 12-14, 2009. Brooke attended as her school's student body president. Her school came out the big winner out of all the other middle schools in the state by winning a majority of the awards:
  • "Advisor of the Year" for Barbara Anderson, aka Miss Andy (Brooke sent in a nominating letter on her behalf).
  • "Best Roll Call" as voted on by the judges.
  • "Best Roll Call" as voted on by the students.
  • "Middle School Project of the Year" for their Martinez Town service project.
  • "Exemplary Middle School Student Council of the Year."
Here are a few pictures from the event. The theme was "The Wonderful World of Leadership" (Disney theme):

(Back row l-r): Brooke--Student Body President, Miss Andy--Advisor, Kyle Piersol--Student Body Vice President, Makenzie Hamilton--Student Body Secretary, Alex Leeds--Representative. (Front row l-r): Candace Burton--8th Grade Class President, Kayleigh Amershek--7th Grade Class President, Melissa Auh--Historian.

Kyle was a good sport for playing "Snow White" in their winning roll call. The girls, as you can see were the 6 dwarfs. Brooke (back left in green hat and big ears) was "Sleepy."

Candace and Brooke with Josh Sundquist. Josh Sundquist is a Paralympic ski racer and nationally known inspirational speaker. He has been featured on CNN and in USA TODAY and has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people across the country.

Check out his comedy video:

Brooke presenting flowers to Miss Andy as she was awarded "Middle School Advisor of the Year."

Candace and Brooke in their State t-shirts.

Makenzie and Brooke clowning around after the banquet.



Aw man, I can't believe Coach Andy is still at LBJ! She was the best teacher. I loved her! I think she was the first person to call me Tuck. And then Emily was Tuck Jr. And Matt was Tuck III.

Cheryl J. said...

That's so cute Anna! I never thought to call you guys "Tuck." LOL