Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thanks Greg and Brooke!

I've been trying to organize the boxes of items/junk from the various closets as they are painted but our house is pretty much in chaos right now. Some beautiful flowers arrived for my birthday and I was impressed by their beauty in the midst of all the mess :-)

A little sad news...Greg and Brooke asked where I wanted to go to dinner and I was in the mood for some Chicken Marsala from Carraba's. When we arrived I noticed the wall sign had been removed and I nervously wondered if the place had closed down. Sure enough, one of our favorite restaurants closed for good on January 4th. We also suspiciously wondered why there were no cars at Whiske Grill as we drove to Carraba's (??) We decided to drive by on our way home and found that ANOTHER of our favorite (and convenient) restaurants had closed for good (also) on January 4th. I had just been talking up the grilled artichokes at Whiske to my friends during lunch today and will now have to tell them that they will never get to experience their deliciousness :-(

My day ended with a small ice cream cake, in the perfect size for the three of us. I want to thank Greg and Brooke for a fun evening (even though we did have to pick a random restaurant to eat at tonight).
Beautiful "birthday" flowers arrived from my husband amongst the chaos.

All we needed was a tiny cake for the three of us from Baskin Robbins :-)


Tina said...

Happy Birthday! how much fun!!! I miss being in ABQ and going to the birthday lunches with all the friends that have been there for years:) Hope that you get things sorted out soon, we are currently doing the same to make room for baby :)

missty said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Sounds like it was a good one, besides the restaurants being closed - bummer, that would make me sad. Flowers are beautiful!!