Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Night the Lights Went Out in Albuquerque

I had been working on the Powerpoint part of my VERY FIRST New Family Search Sunday School lesson when we experienced a power outage. Greg, Brooke, and I sat in the dark for about an hour before Greg talked us into going to Sonic and then his office in our jammies.

Brooke and I were laughing at Greg because he was doing all this stuff that you would normally do IF YOU HAD POWER. His computer had back up power, so he finished some work...he then used his electric razor to shave. Brooke and I were just sitting on the Love Sac talking when he came out and BLINDED us with one of those caving lights you wear on your head LOL. It was at that point he convinced us to go to Sonic for a soft drink (11:45 PM) and then off to his office to do Brooke's orthodontic adjustment (Midnight). He did some expert wire-bending to gently bring down one of Brooke's teeth. By the time we got home (around 1 AM), the power was back on. I finished up my lesson at a little after 3 AM. Anyway...I couldn't resist documenting this crazy evening.
I really try to limit the soda my family drinks, but Brooke couldn't resist a Sonic drink during the power outage.

Brooke threw on a sweatshirt over her pjs. Here we are at Greg's office.

Greg figured this would be a good time to do Brooke's orthodontic adjustment.

Yep...It was 12:15 AM!

Doesn't Brooke look like she's having fun?

Greg's fancy wire bending should bring that tooth down in no time!

Brooke just had to "wake up" the fish.

Before leaving, she had to find her model box, #748 to see her teeth before braces.

She has come a LONG way!

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Kim said...

whatha???? we have to MOVE to get ortho services.. and you can get them at MIDNIGHT?? im just wondering what you did for that kind of service?? hahaha