Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Love My Friends :-)

My sweet friend Jeni Payne invited some of my friends to lunch at PF Changs to celebrate my 47th birthday. I think this was probably my most favorite birthday lunch EVER as everyone was so happy, hopeful, and generally in great spirits. Thank you so much everyone for your care and support over the years. Here's to a great 2009!
Me with my BFF Jeni who got a few of my friends together for a birthday lunch at PF Changs. Love you Jeni!

Karee Sowards and Shauna Kemsley (Karee is looking "especially curious" in this photograph...LOL). Two of my idols!

Cindy Webb with Jill Decker (haha...Jill is calling the Relief Society President to explain why she was late for their meeting! Thanks for staying Jill!). And thanks to Cindy's mom for babysitting for her so she could hang out with us.

Sheri Lamb, Roberta Hamilton, and Linda Beazel. These three women are amazing!

My "other brother" Cheryl Oberer (aka Cheryl O) with my dear friend KT Johnson :-)

The whole group...I love these women! Missing is little Miss Ali Mack-arooni who was under the weather (there's your seat just waiting for you Ali next to Linda). PS to KT...You're lucky I didn't put the 2nd version of this picture up with you sticking out your tongue...LOL!

Jeni made us her YUMMY chocolate bundt cake with homemade whipped cream!


PamJorg said...

Too bad we couldn't have stayed just one more day! I miss some of those ladies a whole bunch!! How fun! Happy Birthday again!

PamJorg said...

BTW - I posted a ton about our Moberly trip if you wanted to see what we did

Robyn said...

I love your friends too! :) Those are some great women. Miss you all and Happy (belated) Birthday Cheryl! :)

missty said...

Fun Lunch!! Love PF Changs!!

Kim said...

i will have to send my comment via text... *&^%$#@
at least there is a picture of Cindy!!

shelbell said...

What a fun b-day bunch! Sounds like you had a great birthday Cheryl!