Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brooke at Charlie's Sandbox

Here is a video of Brooke, Candace, Harleigh, and Natalie at volleyball practice. They play sand volleyball in preparation for high school volleyball next year.


Kim said...

i wish they had a place like that here for sella....
lookin good brooke.
Candace has some power!
last nites game sella had a 7(i think) point serves. not all aces tho. Thats sellas advantage good ball control... now if she would just JUMP higher!
Shes playing on 2 intermural teams..High school team and ARMY team.. Its good because she is playing against adults who are really good.. and she can also practice her trash talk.

we gotta get outta this place!!!!!

missty said...

What a fun place!! Brooke is doing great!! I LOVE volleyball! Played in High school!