Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kudos to Companies Responding to my Complaint about "The View"

I didn't have time to write ALL of the sponsors but did hear back from a few of the ones I contacted. Kellogg's was first to respond to my complaint about liberal "The View." General Mills was close behind. I've also received a response from Proctor and Gamble. I haven't heard from Pillsbury, Wal-Mart, California Milk Products, or Macy's.

Here's what they said...

Ms. Jorgensen,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the placement of Kellogg spot commercials during The View. We appreciate your comments and opinions regarding television programs that do not meet your expectations.

Since the 1980s, we have had in place an assertive Advertising Placement Policy that governs the placement of our advertisements. We make every effort to be sure our advertisements appear within television programs that are considered wholesome by the vast majority of the public.

Specifically with respect to talk shows, we have taken a leadership position to not include our advertisements on certain programs. Additionally, we have in place a screening process where our advertising agency selectively places ads based on a review of the episode synopsis, ensuring that the content fits within our Advertising Placement Policy guidelines. We believe this process sends a very clear message that we will support advertising on programs with positive themes in order to reach our target audiences, but we will not hesitate to take the necessary actions to disassociate our company from programs with negative social influence.

You may be interested to know that our company is a sponsoring member of the "Family Friendly Programming Forum." This is a group of more than 40 major national advertisers that seek to encourage the television networks, studios and production community to produce more prime-time programs that are relevant and interesting to a broad audience and that parents and children can enjoy together. The Forum has met with great success in encouraging networks to focus on developing new family-oriented programs, and we continue to support their efforts in this regard.

Advertising placement is an important consideration for our company. Please be assured that we will continue to work with our advertising agencies to better understand the issues surrounding advertising placement on talk shows. Based on continual monitoring and review of the situation, we will determine if any further adjustments in our future advertising placements are required.

We appreciate your interest in our company and products.


Pablo A. Martinez
Consumer Affairs Department
Kellogg North America

Battle Creek, MI 49016-1986

Dear Valued Consumer:

Thank you for contacting General Mills. Your comments are important to us.
We are committed to making a difference in the lives of our consumers. As a result, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do, from advertising to food safety.

Feedback such as yours is important to the nature of our business.

We appreciate your loyalty and the time you took to contact us. Please be assured that we
will share your thoughts with the appropriate individuals.

Trhas Babish
Consumer Services

Today’s liberal leaning episode of “The View” was very offensive. I mys...

Discussion Thread
Response (RightNow Administrator) - 10/07/2008 12:59 PM
Thanks for contacting us.

The way we spend our advertising dollars is important to us. P&G does not endorse anyone for office and is not responsible for the content of the show. I'm sharing your feedback with the appropriate people in our company.

Stop by anytime.

P&G Team

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