Thursday, October 16, 2008

Congratulations Brooke!

Brooke was happy to find out that she made her school's Basketball Team. She still has a middle school volleyball tournament this Saturday and will then move on to basketball. Her team is one of the only ALL GIRL middle school volleyball teams in our city. Despite this, they won most of their matches (beating many teams with boys on their rosters). Here's a picture of Brooke with her friends Candace and Felisha after winning their second to last home game.


PamJorg said...

Way to go President Speed Racer! Wait no, President Spiking Speed Racer!! Wait no, President Spiking Dribbling Speed Racer!!

sarah said...

Why in the world would they have coed volleyball in middle school? That seems crazy!

Cheryl J. said...

Yeah Sarah...It is crazy...Boys don't have volleyball in high school so it's kind of strange to have it in middle school. Brent played all three years of middle school with a couple of other athletic guys and they dominated.

LOL...Pam. Brooke is having a pretty fun 8th grade year so far :-)