Friday, September 12, 2008

Sephora GRAND OPENING in Albuquerque

Albuquerque FINALLY got their first Sephora store! Brooke and I LOVE that place so I told her she and I would go to their Grand Opening. We made our way across town to the Coronado Mall and ended up parking as FAR away as possible (not by choice, but because we had NO idea where the store would be in the mall). We were greeted with a HUGE line outside the entrance. We thought it was the line to get in, but it was actually the line to PURCHASE any products. The greeters told us that it would take about an hour to get up to the registers. I decided to let Brooke go into the store to pick out a few items while I waited in line--Good thing I had my iPod in my purse! Brooke then took my place in line while I went to look. While Brooke was shopping, she saw Averie and Roberta Hamilton (Averie loves makeup!).

I'm including a picture of our purchases. I also wanted to put a picture up of Brooke's eyes after trying a test version of an Eye Envy eye shadow strip. She didn't quite get it into the right place, but it is a fun idea. What you do is put the strip on your eyelid and rub it. You pull up the strip and are left with different shades of eye shadow. You are supposed to blend it but Brooke didn't blend hers in before I took the picture. She wanted to buy the zebra version of this eye shadow system but I nixed that one :-) Anyway...It was worth the trip! We loved it!

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Kim said...

went there today!! the caserta italy mall. I was looking at these wax kits and they had covered all the directions with a lable with ITALIAN directions!!! its kinda fun to go into H&M and Zara and see the European lines.