Sunday, September 28, 2008

Past Family Pictures

After looking at my "yearbook" photos, I took a look back at our family pictures and updated our web page to include three fabulous ones that my friend Bri Saban took this past May. To see how we've changed over the years...Go to Our Past Family Pictures link and check it out.

Besides the pictures Bri took, I love our 1998 Casual pose. I made everyone dress according to what their life interest was at that point. Greg, of course was into his career; I was a scrapbooker; Brian liked football (at least I think he did...LOL. We probably should of had him hold a computer manual because he's been reading them since the THIRD GRADE!); Brent was a basketball fan; and Brooke LOVED Disney's Beauty and the Beast. (PS...the family pic in 1989 of Greg looking a bit like "Mr. Spock" is an interesting one).

I want comments of your favorite Jorgensen Family pics :-)

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