Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Brookie :-)

My sweet daughter finally turned 13! She is one of the youngest in her class as she skipped kindergarten going straight into 1st Grade at the age of 5 (about 1 week away from turning 6). She has a great group of friends! I took pictures of her with some of her friends during lunch when I took cupcakes to school. We went to Buca di Beppo that evening for a birthday dinner.

Here are a few things I LOVE about Brooke...

Beautiful inside and out.

Really smart and a hard worker.


Often expresses her gratitude.

Kind and friendly to everyone she meets.

Example to those around her.

A few pictures from her big day...

Just a few of her school friends.

"Princess Power!"

Nicole and Brooke enjoy their cupcakes.

Brooke and her BFF Candace.

The group at Buca di Beppo at the Pope's Table.


PamJorg said...

Did she get my ecard? I know I sent it late...but our good intentions were there! Mitch had a huge fever for her birthday...and today. Hope it was a good one!!

PamJorg said...

Who's the sad blondie at the Bucca table??

shelbell said...

Your the best mom! Mmmm...cupcakes! I love that your fam. goes to Buca for b-days, what a fun tradition! Happy Birthday to Brooke!

Larson Family said...

Wow, your family are all growing up aren't they? I still picture Brooke as the cute little gal she was when I used to babysit, and now she's 13! Wow! Suddenly I feel old... Anyways, Happy Birthday Brooke!

Cheryl J. said...

LOL...that's Brooke's friend Nicole. She really wasn't sad; she must have been trying to look alluring in the photo :-)