Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Enrique Iglesias Concert

My friend Roberta Hamilton called a few months ago to see if Brooke and I wanted to go see Enrique Iglesias in concert with her and her daughter Averie. I admitted that I only knew 2 or 3 Enrique songs but decided to tag along anyway. The concert was scheduled to begin at 8 PM but didn't start until right before 9 PM. Enrique mentioned something about having a fever so I'm guessing he was sick. There was no opening act so we started right off with him. He ended up playing for about an hour and 10 minutes. He sang the first song in English and then shouted out something in Spanish (I think he asked how many people there knew Spanish). About 1/2 the crowd cheered. From then on, he pretty much sang all his songs in Spanish.

He did invite a few people on stage in between songs. Enrique asked one of the guys he brought up if the guy "came to the concert to meet girls." The guy said "no." Enrique then asked, "Do you have your family here?" Again...the answer was "no." Exasperated, Enrique said..."Are you GAY?" To which the guy responded "yes." Enrique appeared a bit flustered and mumbled that the guy didn't look like a stereotypical gay person and added that he, Enrique, had tons of gay friends. The guy then said..."Yeah, I saw you on YouTube in London (in a gay club)." Enrique then mentioned that he was comfortable with himself and could go to gay clubs even though he was straight. Let me just say...it was an interesting exchange.

He sang "Do You Know (the Ping Pong Song)" last--in Spanish. There was a bunch of confetti shot into the audience at the end of that song. I'm including video of the end of that song.

For his encore, he invited a rather large gal named Beverly up on stage. Enrique sang his song "Hero" to her. Averie and Brooke were mad that Enrique picked Beverly and not them...LOL. You can see the video of him singing to Beverly at the end of this post.

Here are some pictures of our evening together...

Brooke and Averie in their Enrique Shirts.

Roberta and Averie.

Me and Brooke.



Ingelheim Five said...

Wow, was that weird or what? Maybe he's just better on an Ipod...

FYI, I did finally get a shower yesterday!

emily said...

I have to admit I was blog hopping..but I am glad I found you!
Just wanted to say hello! We are in Idaho now but will head back to Utah next year. Just thought I would say hi! Good seeing you on the blogsphere!