Sunday, August 10, 2008

SURPRISE! Happy Birthday Scott!

We surprised Scott by showing up in Arizona for his 40th birthday. My camera somehow lost the video of the actual "surprise" but it didn't lose pictures from our trip. We got their August 8th and decided to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Atlanta Braves (the Braves won). We then headed for our hotel and got up bright and early the next day so Greg could look at cars. He's been eying an Aston Martin and really wanted to test drive one. We passed the time while Scott was sleeping (he works the graveyard shift) by shopping a little and then going to see the Arizona Temple. We bought Scott his favorite drink from Sonic and then headed over to Scott and Pam's house. We called Scott from a cell phone and sang "Happy Birthday" to him (from our car, right outside his house). I then said, "I bet you could use a Sonic drink right now..." We then rang the doorbell and before they could answer, Brent just walked in :-) Scott was very surprised. We took their family to Outback for dinner and then headed over to friends, Rodger and Judy's house, for his birthday party.

Here are a few pictures from our trip. You can click on individual pictures to see them in a larger version. A video from the party is below the pictures:

Here's a link to everyone singing to him at the party. One note...If you click on the "YouTube" logo, you can go directly to the video and click on "Watch in high quality" to see it a little less grainy:


Elise Jorgensen said...

Looks like fun! Were you guys dying in the summer heat though? It's hot enough here, I can't imagine AZ. Wish we could have seen you guys, but I guess you and Brent will be here soon! Hooray!

Cheryl J. said...

The heat wasn't too bad. It was about the same as in Albuquerque (at least it felt about the same). Brent and I look forward to seeing you! Don't forget that we are going to redo your bathroom AND get Bri a new chair :-)