Monday, June 30, 2008

Last hour at "The Palace" in Cozumel

LOL...The kids HAD to order chocolate cake from room service about an hour before we left. They also thought they had better get at least one picture of our hotel's pool area (with ocean in the background). One of the hotel employees, Ricardo, jumped into the picture at the last second. The final thing the kids did...Ordered one last Pinada for the road.

All went well at the Cozumel Airport. No lines at all! We headed to Houston for our layover and almost didn't get to land at the Houston airport due to a storm. We finally were granted permission to land but ended up with about a 6 hour layover as opposed to the 4 we were supposed to have. Due to planes being stopped from landing in Houston, we breezed through immigration and security. We must have been the first plane to land during that time.

We had a very fun time in Mexico. The family enjoyed their diving and I enjoyed a little R&R. Brooke made a point of paging me on our home phone this morning to request some chocolate cake and a Pinada. I told her she was back to cereal here in NEW Mexico :-)

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