Monday, June 16, 2008

Cibola's 4x400 Relay at State (Video)

Brent ran the first leg of the 4x400 relay at the 2008 NM State Track Meet. He ran neck and neck with La Cueva's, Riley McKee. Daniel Gooris ended up losing ground to Matt Watkins but tied him as Daniel handed off to Tyler Jaramillo. La Cueva's Chad Clark got ahead of Tyler, but Matt Valenzuela made up the difference by catching, and then beating La Cueva's Marcus Dowdican by three hundredths of a second. The La Cueva parent who videotaped the race also got the teams on the medal stand. You can see Brent shaking hands with La Cueva...that's our boy...always talking to the other team :-) The La Cueva parent talked about their team getting the school record; Cibola also broke their school record with their 3:19.18 time.

NOTE: You can click the YouTube logo to watch the video on YouTube as opposed to my blog. If you watch on YouTube, you can select to watch the video in "high quality" (under where it says "Views").

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