Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Latest Family Pictures by Bri Saban :-)

First, I just want to say that we love our photographer: Bri Saban! She's the best! She did Brent's senior picture shoot and just took pictures of our family. You can check out what she's fixed up so far on her blog. Comment me on your favorites! We will try to decide on the ultimate picture for our family room!

LOL...Please tell me you LOVE the picture of Brent holding the lollipop. It was a test to prove that Brent would pose however Bri wanted him to ;-)


Kim said...

great pics.. I already gave you my opinion-vote via I.M.

Elise said...

I love them! For some reason I was hating my hair at the time, but now I kind of like it! lol. My favorite family picture is the one where we are wearing out black shirts, but I also love the one by the barn wall.
Also, since we were wearing such great colored shirts, I would like to see some of the black and whites in color.

These are so fun! I'm SO glad we did this!

shelbell said...

Oh wow! I haven't seen these yet. I will definitely be checking them out. The one you posted looks great! She always does such a great job...but beautiful and willing subjects never hurt either:)

PamJorg said...

Very cool pix!! I like the barn one too