Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cibola Boys Track Banquet

Coach Kenny Henry (the best coach any of my children have had in ANY sport) takes the time to talk about every single athlete in the track program during the end-of-season banquet. Brent was the third to last out of all the athletes. I took video of what he said about Brent (Brent got a bunch of tears this year). Also note Brent doing his "fist pounding" handshake (he got all the coaches to do the screeching noise). I'm going to really miss Cibola Boys Track.

Here is Coach Henry summing up the boys' state track championship

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Kim said...

my kids often bring teachers and coaches to tears too... hahaha
Congrats on a fantastic track season, brent.. and your HS sport career!!
what will your mom and I do without hs stories about e&b ?? (not elise and brian but emma and brent)