Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cibola Boys (and Girls) Track Teams: CITY CHAMPS!

The Cibola Boys and Girls Track Teams were both crowned CITY CHAMPS in the Albuquerque City Meet this past weekend. The boys won by over 70 points! Greg had a banner made (hoping we would continue our undefeated streak). We held it up after the last race so the boys could see it. We let the girls use the banner for pictures too (NOTE: Some of their teammates left before the end of the meet). The last picture is of Brent with Curtis Beach (left, from the Albuquerque Academy) and Daniel Gooris (Cibola Teammate). Brent and Daniel are holding the trophy and Curtis is holding his plaque for "High Point Man." Cibola has district next weekend and then state the following weekend. Go Cougars!

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NYCmom said...

way to go brent!!!! (typing with one hand while I nurse)