Saturday, May 31, 2008


So...Candace's parents helped Greg and I with Brooke's CANDY LAND party last night. There were about 45 kids in attendance (what in the world were we thinking?). We had hot dogs, chips, fruit, veggies, chicken wings, and CANDY. The kids hardly ate anything at all. They drank tons of water and Vitamin Water and ate some of the candy (so much for our preparation!). We had door prizes and games. The kids kept saying it was "the best party ever."

I've posted a bunch of pictures on our family web site. Here's a link:

Brooke and Candace's Candy Land Party Pics


PamJorg said...

Hey! Tell BRENT or Speedy Gonzalez Happy Birthday from all of us here in AZ!!

Kim said...

looks fun brooke!!any party crashers?

shelbell said...

What? Since when do boys that age NOT eat like piggies?? I am stumped!

What a fun idea for a party...Brooke's a lucky gal. Happy Birthday!

Cheryl J. said...

LOL...No party crashers. And we were stumped too Michelle!