Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brooke's Track Banquet

Today was the LBJ Track Banquet held at Village Pizza in Corrales as per tradition. Brent, with Bridger Schaap and Terrance Motley, came to cheer Brooke (and Mackay Schaap) on. I'm including a few pictures of Brooke with her friends (Candace, Harleigh, and Nicole). There's also a picture with Coach Andy (Barb Anderson). The last picture is of Brooke with Julian. Brooke and Julian were awarded medals for earning the most points during the track season. There were a total of 38 7th Grade Girls on LBJ's track team so this was quite a feat for Brooke. Congratulations Brooke!


The Dixon Family said...

Coach Andy? Are you kidding me? She's was MY 8th grade coach like 15 years ago.

Cheryl J. said...

LOL...She moved to Alaska for a few years but then came back to LBJ as she missed Albuquerque :-)

Monkey Pants Pam said...

WTG Presidend Speed Racer!!

Hey Che - you should give me and Jen author rights on Mom and Dad's site...then we can all post stuff for them until they get their act together.