Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ice Baths

Brent and Daniel Gooris have been taking ice baths pretty much every night this week to help their bodies recover after track practices. They participated in today's prelims at the Albuquerque Academy Invitational.

Brent and Daniel invited some of their friends to ice tonight. Matt Valenzuela (Cibola) who is currently ranked #1 in the 400m and 200m races in the state. Jordan Madrid (Cibola) who just qualified for state today in the 800m. Also participating were two of Brent's friends from competing schools: Derek Montoya (Highland) and Curtis Beach (Albuquerque Academy).

Brent and Derek take turns beating each other in the 400m. Brent and Derek are #2 and #3 (depending on the week). Derek is currently ahead of Brent by 24/100 of a second. Curtis Beach has broken records at his school and is ranked 2nd in the state (4A) in the 200m, 1st in the 400m, 1st in the 800m, 1st in the 110 hurdles, 4th in the high jump, 1st in the pole vault, and will probably be ranked in the long jump by tomorrow.

Here are a few pics from their ice baths:

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